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MAC ‘WOWS’ at Fashion Forward Dubai 2014!


Fashion Forward Dubai 2014 just came to an end and MAC was the Official Makeup Sponsor for the 3rd consecutive season! If your not familiar with Fashion Forward it’s a 3 day ‘fashion week’where local designers showcase their latest collections.

Last year there were over 15,000 visits and over 11,000 guests who watched the catwalk shows displaying talent from Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, UAE and of course our very own Saudi Arabia!  MAC one of the world’s most iconic brands wows backstage creating incredible looks for each of the shows.  MAC has fashion as a part of their DNA – so take inspiration from backstage images, face charts and product listings from some of our favorite looks!


Day 1




“modern moroccan muse.”Vimi joshi




Mix studio moisture fix and prep + prime natural radiance together and apply all over the face to create an iridescent finish


Mix two drops of care blends essential oils into studio sculpt foundation select cover-up to conceal blemishes where needed


Define and groom the brows with lingering eye brows

Smudge electric eel eye shadow on the lower lash line using the 219 pencil brush

Line the waterline with smolder eye kohl

Apply prep + prime eye onto the eyelids as a base, then use the 239 eye shader brush to pack electric eel eye shadow all over the eyelid to create an opaque finish

Create a defined liner along the upper lash line using blacktrack fluidline

Complete the eye look with 4 lash and opulash mascara


Mix select sheer/loose into harmony blush to create a wash of colour on the cheekbone


Crème cup lipstick applied all over lips



“stark, strict and concise with a whipping moon lash. Iced mannequins.”Michelle lee collins




Massage mineralize moisture gel into the face


Pat on face and body foundation in one shade lighter than the natural skin tone with your hands, then buff in with the 168 contour brush

Perfect the skin with studio finish concealer for a mannequin skin effect


Brush brows to separate, then use a disposable mascara wand and studio finish concealer to create a blonder brow

Apply gesso eye shadow to the inner and outer corner of the eye to create a flash of white light

Apply the dove grey shade in a sprinkle of blues mineralize eye shadow x 4 in the negative space on the eyelid and along the lower lash line using the 217 blending brush for a wash of colour

Rim the waterline with white chromagraphic pencil

Curl the lashes and apply white acrylic paint to the lashes as mascara


Matte down all other shine on the face using porcelain set powder

Crystal avalanche eye shadow is applied to the high planes of the face using a fan brush for an iced highlight


Lip conditioner is applied to hydrate the lips followed by patting a small amount of concealer onto the lips to take down the natural lip tone. Finish by dusting crystal avalanche eye shadow onto the cupid’s bow and the centre of the bottom lip

Day 2

Bashar assaf


“climatic expression, experiencing the highs and lows of an emotional journey.” Michelle lee collins

Bashar Assaf (2)

Bashar Assaf (4)


Lightful cleanser

Care blends essentials oils


Prep + prime natural radiance mixed with studio sculpt spf 15 foundation to sheer down and create a waxy finish

Studio finish spf 35 concealer used to perfect and white paint stick used within the centre of the face to lighten the complexion

Crystal avalanche eye shadow used to create iced extreme highlights


White chromagraphic pencil applied to the waterline

White acrylic paint used as mascara on the top and bottom lashes

Chromacake applied over and through brows in an upward sweeping motion using a combination of mascara wands and synthetic brushes

White acrylic paint placed on accented areas to create whiter highlights


Matte down all areas surrounding the hyper-highlights


Prep + prime lip

Pat concealer to take down lip shade, then dust gesso eye shadow over the entire lip and accent with crystal avalanche eye shadow

Rami kadi

1rami kadi

“sleeping beauty wakes up after a 100 years and she is going out to explore the garden.”Vimi joshi

Rami Kadi (4)

Rami Kadi (8)


Fix+ to hydrate the face

Mix mineralize charged water with prep + prime skin and apply all over the face


Studio sculpt foundation

Select cover-up


Groom and define the brows with lingering eye brows

Line waterline with minted eye pencil and smudge along the lower lash line, blend with the 239 eye shader brush to take it lower

Apply a thin layer of duo adhesive applied on the eyelid, follow with 3d silver glitter on top using the 242 shader brush

Apply sushi flower eye shadow onto the socket line and blended upwards


Use peaches powder blush in the hollow of the cheeks

Apply pink sprinkles powder blush on top of the cheekbones to define


Prep + prime lip

Apply soar lip pencil and please me lipstick all over lips

Day 3

Zayan the label

1zayan the label

“she’s a fairytale, a frolicking princess in a forest flushed from the wintery air and happiness.”Michelle lee collins




Mineralize charged water cleanser

Strobe cream

Prep + prime natural radiance


Buff face and body foundation onto the face with the 168 large angle contour brush for super polished yet sheer applicationuse pro longwear concealer to perfect



Clear brow set is used to set the brow in place

Mist fix+ onto the pressed pigment and apply to the ball of the eye to subtly catch the light

Cork eye shadow wrapped around the eye for a naturally enhanced eye

Apply naked lip pencil in the waterline to create a brighter eye

Rim around the eye with coffee eye pencil to intensify the lash line

Apply in extreme dimension lash to top and bottom lashes concentrating the intensity at the base of the lash

Apply 4 lash to the top and bottom lashes


Apply adjust prep + prime transparent cc colour correcting loose to matt down shine

Harmony powder blush is used for subtle contour

So sweet, so easy cremeblend blush applied to the apples of the cheek for a frolicking flush

Pat so sweet, so easy onto the bridge of the nose to continue the flush



Prep + prime lip

Pat all out gorgeousness mineralize rich lipstick into the lip for a berry stain


Amato by furne one

1vimi joshi

“india, my love song.”Vimi joshi





Studio moisture fix


Studio sculpt spf 15 foundation in one block of colour on the face in a darker shade than the skin tone



Cover over eyebrows with duo adhesive and studio finish concealer

Mac pro acrylic liner in different colours for different looks (basic red, landscape green, primary yellow, magenta)

Using the 210 precise eye liner brush, draw a liner over the eyelid and wing out towards the tail of the eyebrow. Extend the liner to the lower lash line

Line the water line with smolder eye kohl

4 lash


Taupe powder blush over-exaggerated as a contour



Prep + prime lip

Strip down lip pencil and honey love lipstick all over the lips

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