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Makeup Tips to Beat the Saudi Summer Heat


Sunshine is wonderful until it gets to the point where makeup starts to melt – on your face and in your bag! Weather or temperature can change the texture and the consistency of your make up.  Here are a few tips which can help your makeup last longer.


  •  For people living in a extremely hot climate, you must try to keep your foundation, concealer and lipstick in a cool place or away from the sun.  Even consider putting them in the fridge when you are not using them to ensure they last as long as possible.


  • Icing the face before applying make up can be very helpful.  It’s a must for summer to ensure you apply a primer before your foundation
  • Choose waterproof liner and mascara to prevent make up from smudging and keep it fresh and crispy.
  • Powder controls oil.  However if you keep putting on a powder over and over again, it can make your make up look caked.  Never put face powder on a sweaty face directly, u must dry or tap your face with a paper towel or tissue as humidity can become an issue.  So first dab the face with a paper towel and once it’s dry, lock in your makeup by dusting on a powder.


  • Tinted gloss can be great to finish the look as well or a matte lip color.

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