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Making Healthy Choices: The Law of Substitution


The first thing we all do when we want to start eating healthy and living right is stop this and stop that. We tend to always lean towards preventing and depriving without thinking about the consequences. The consequences are basically yo-yo dieting and short term advantages only.

So what is the solution?



It is very simple: For every bad thing we quit, we must first think of a substitute or an alternative BEFORE even taking the first step. This will guarantee that we don’t always feel like we are starving our selves.

We’ve done the homework for you, and want you to sit back, relax, and watch how easy this can be. Here are 4 quick substitution ideas. At the end, you can see how many calories you can save just with these 4 quick steps.

#1   Lusine’s Whole Wheat Toast Bread

My experience is it might taste different at first, but you quickly adjust to it and it becomes one of the easier. White bread has a lot of bad effects on our body, including a high glycemic index, high sugar and starch content and sometimes a lot of salt. This is a quick and easy way to get some fiber.


#2   Almarai’s Skimmed Cheese

We all grew up with those yummy yellow slices of cheese. We put them on practically anything and everything. But the thing with cheese is it’s usually high in saturated fat, and if it’s processed like this, maybe even trans fats. This can quickly rocket your calorie count into the sky. But we have a substitute. Although still processed, it is markedly lower in calories, and you can even put TWO slices on your sandwich without reaching the calorie count of one of the regular type

  • Regular slice: 56 calories
  • Skimmed slice: 29
  • With this move you’ll save: 27 calories per slice !


#3    Milk + Yogurt

Here is an are where you can save a lot of calories from fat, without compromising taste too much. A couple of years ago, my family switched from full fat milk to low fat (less than 2%) milk. We also currently use skimmed yogurt as a basic fridge regular. If you find this too sudden, try using low fat for a while, then working your way down to skimmed. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll save.

  • Switching from Regular to Low Fat milk will save you: 75 calories per 100 ml
  • Switching from Regular to Low Fat Yogurt (zabadi) will save you: 24 calories
  • Switching to skimmed will save you even more of course


#4   Chips and Snacks

This is a real challenge. Believe it or not, this is responsible for a lot of the weight gain we see these days. But again, according to our agreement, I will not tell you to stop it completely until we find a substitute. Ready? Here is what you’re going to do: Go to the supermarket and get 2 kilos Bananas and 2 kilos Apples. Then go to the natural foods section or shop and get a Kilo of walnuts, a kilo of almonds and a lot of honey. When you get home, put these things at an accessible place in the house. Pretty soon you’ll find that you, your children and siblings will be snacking on these instead of the high sugar/fat snacks we used to.

Rule of thumb: Provide the solution before removing the problem, and that’s the law of substitution!

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