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Mashk Inc : The Latest In Organic Skincare


The recent culture in terms of beauty and well-being revolves around organic, vegan, and overall natural health. We all know now it’s what you put in your body that contributes to a better outside appearance, but what about what you use externally? Most products contain chemicals and compounds that, well, if you can’t pronounce you shouldn’t really use. I always search for animal friendly, paraben-free and vegan products to reduce any more damage our general environment does to our bodies let alone skin. As of late, I have become obsessed with the products of an organic skincare range right out of Los Angeles – Mashk Inc. Founded by a beautiful and passionate woman sharing her secret and knowledge to youthful skin, she is set out to make a difference.



I have become crazy about and swear by the brand’s 3-in-1 squares. Completely natural and made for different skin types, the soap-like substance covers these fine cloths.

With the exact motions, it is the best make-up remover I have ever used , it also  cleanses your skin and tackles your skin woes in one go. Providing gentle exfoliation, cleansing and moisture these squares are a miracle. Now, I would advise for those with extremely dry skin or even eczema to moisturise further post usage.


The lip scrub is delicious! It is perfectly scented and does exactly what the label says –  this product is a must-have.  Even the Kardashians have been known to use this scrub pre-lipstick/lip gloss application. This product should be a staple in every girl’s make-up bag.

While we’re on the topic of lips, the lip balm is yummy. It comes in a stick and makes for an easy application. It glides on easily without the need to be rubbed onto the lips endlessly to get that much-needed moisture. I have been applying this product every night for the last few months and my lips have not chapped or cracked once, even with the weather changes.

The hand cream made with rich lavender is a treat. For the perils of being in the cold and constant harsh hand soaps available amongst a few others, this product has been a God send. I’ve been using it with hand gloves overnight and it has completely salvaged the deep cracks that wouldn’t disappear with the use of cosmetic hand creams.


Lastly, you don’t need me to walk you through the problems with some deodorants and the adverse effects they could have on your body in the long term. This deodorant is paraben-free and smells great. Using it, I’ve noticed the look and feel of the skin of my underarms and they’ve improved – softer and less pigmented (especially with hair removal) this is a great alternative if you’re an advocate for natural/toxic chemical free products.


Overall, Mashk Inc. is growing in popularity and accessible by shipping worldwide it certainly is worth giving a go.

Did I fail to mention that the bargain is the price! The pricing of these products are totally worth it and on par with goods you potentially buy at your local drugstore. Nevertheless, the difference lies in the quality. Come on, give it a go!

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