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Stand Out with Max Factor’s New Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara


VolumeBoost_single pack closed_ecomm

Recently at the P&G Vision House event in Barcelona I got the opportunity to learn so much about the P&G brands and the research that goes behind product development. Max Factor’s New Excess Volume Impact Mascara is and example of this as it is the first of its kind.  Max Factor is always trying to come up with the best products for their consumers and they’ve been listening.  They discovered many of us want jet black, long and thick lashes that stand out.  Conventionally to achieve this many of us are cock-tailing our mascaras by layering two or more different mascaras to create our desired lashes.  Many of us use one for volume, one for color and one for length. Taking this into consideration Max Factor designed a mascara for women who are looking to stand out with an extreme volume lash look.  They created the first jet-black lacquer finish mascara that transforms ordinary volume into extraordinary volume through an innovative ultimate combination of a two step formula.


The mascara features two wands:

Step 1 builds volume using the False Lash Effect Brush – you can layer this step up to 5 layers

Step 2 glosses over the lashes, thickening and sealing them to provide a smooth intense jet black finish. (it’s a waterproof formula and only requires 1 layer)




The pot on the left is how black the formula is for the top mascara’s on the market and the pot on the right is the Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara’s Formula = ITS REALLY BLACK!



Dr. Sarah Vickery, Ph.D., Principal Scientist – Communication, Research and Development, Global Color Cosmetics shared some more interesting facts during the presentation.  I learnt the maximum you can layer your regular mascaras are three layers – after the third layer it plateaus, so it doesn’t get any thicker or longer after the third layer.  But with Max Factors New Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara’s new technology you can layer it up to 5 layers and with each layer it will increase the volume and thickness of the lashes.

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