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Miguelina : The Hottest Trend Right Now


Despite being in the midst of winter, praying it will be over I grow deep sun envy and nostalgic, missing the non-stop sunshine of the Middle East. For now, I will just day-dream and whilst doing so I think of the sun, beach, and beautiful blue water alternating between the beach and swimming pools available. With that being said, what would one wear? I revert to my obsession with Jennifer Lopez and all her fashion statements, when surprisingly the name Miguelina springs up. What is Miguelina that stars such as Jenny from the Block, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson and Katy Perry seem to be drawn to? Ladies, the answer is here and like any true fashionista this must be an essential addition this spring/summer.


The coveted luxury resort and beachwear brand is growing as the hottest go-to for beach chic. The designs are to die for and the best part? Not only can the looks be worn down the sandy shores, but the cover-ups would be a delightful statement at festivals even as far as understated glamour in those evenings on your vacay or even at the end of a long gruelling day basking in the sun – the perfect remedy to lounging in the stars with dinner and friends. (There I go day-dreaming again.)


Don’t believe me? Why don’t you check out these wonderful masterpieces made of the finest silk, lace and embellishments out there?! Don’t be discouraged my fellow darlings who aren’t in London as of late, this line can be bought via the brilliant Net-A-Porter and they ship internationally! So don’t leave it a moment too soon, be the talk amongst your friends by being the first to rock one of these fabulous designs by this most current brand!


Buy at: www.net-a-porter.com
Twitter: @MiguelinaTWEETS
Instagram: miguelinagambaccini

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