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The 11 Best Arab Lipsticks from MAC!


I love experimenting with lip colors and while working at MAC I got to learn which lipstick shades are the best. Choosing the right shades of lipsticks for yourself can get pretty confusing, so here is a guide I’ve compiled to help you decide which one’s the best for you.

1.    The Classic red

Everyone’s always looking for that classic red lip color. A great color for ALL skin tones, it even has blue undertones that will make your teeth look whiter!

Russian Red

 2.    The Hot Pink

Every girl needs at least one hot pink lipstick in her collection. Especially if you’re following Arab lip trends, hot pink becomes a must.  I couldn’t narrow it down to one because it depends on how intense you feel comfortable going. Here are my personal favourites.

Show Orchid

A vivid hot pink for those willing to be BOLD.

Girl About Town

Fabulous Fuchsia!  This is a MAC oldie, been a part of the collection for a while, but definitely a classic.  A favorite hot pink lip color amongst many. 

Amped up Fuchsia! This is another favorite and not such a in your face type of hot pink.  A good choice for those wanting to play it safe. 


3.    The Neutral Mauve

We have those days where we want to look pretty, yet also natural.  That is the time to pull out our neutral lip colours.



Soft muted brownish pink


4.    The Soft Glossy Pink

Not really a big fan of lip-glosses, so when I want shine, I turn to glossy lipsticks instead.  This is a beautiful soft glossy pink ideal for any age



A warm Sea Shell Pink


Soft Pink


5. The Perfect Pink

We all need that perfect pink lip color that will go with any outfit. They tend to be natural yet manage to give some color.

 Fan Fare

Mid tone yellow pink


6.    The Nudes

Nude is a very popular color in the west. Although not as popular in the Middle East, yet still a must for some.


Neutral Peach

High Tea

Beige Pink with Pearl


Pale Muted Peachy Beige

7.    The Plum

Having some variety in your lipsticks gives you a chance to experiment.  A plum is a hue that women LOVE.


Fanciful Rose Plum

Hot Gossip

Mid Tone Pinky Plum


8.    The Peach

I’ve noticed that I always receive compliments when wearing either of these two peaches.  Peachstock is such a popular colour worn by many.  Peach also looks stunning with a tan or just dust on some bronzer for a sun kissed look.


Creamy Beige Peach


Clean light peachy coral

9.     The Berry

Add some variety to your collection with a shade of berry.

Brick o’la
Mid Tone Berry


10.     The Barbie Pink

Pink Nouveau

Bright Pink



Bright Rosy Pink with Shimmer


11.    The ARAB Favorites

Bold, Bright and Sexy: favourites of the Middle East.


Bright Red Pink

Vegas Volt (always sold out in Jeddah)

Full power coral

Lady Danger

Vivid Bright Coral Red

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