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Cure Hair Fall with Dove’s New Hair Fall Rescue System – Tried & Tested!


Hair fall I’d say is the #1 issue women face in Saudi Arabia.  You can’t really pin point the exact reason for hair fall, but one for sure is the water here in KSA – its horrible for our hair.  But it’s important to know that the main cause of hair fall starts at the root.  A weak hair follicle makes hair break easily and frequently.  The average hair loss is 100 strands per day, although this can vary tremendously from person to person. But do take note that hair loss of above 150 strands per day you should see your doctor. Hair fall is also caused by natural hair loss according to the hair cycle, stress, climate change, poor diet, hormonal changes/pregnancy, over heat styling and chemical treatments (Stay away from Keratin people!)

Dove’s put a lot of research into their new hair fall rescue system and it contains Trichazole Active which will help you to anchor your hair firmly in place at its root.  Trichazole is an active ingredient with ginseng and soy protein which actually help prevent natural enzymes from breaking down the follicle glue.

Dove claims to see visible results in two weeks of regular use. From my experience, Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue System works.  For me, I’ve had hair fall issue since I’ve moved to Saudi Arabia and I know its a combination of many of the factors I mentioned above and that I recently had a baby.  Some changes I’ve made are taking hair vitamins with Biotin regularly – I’m taking Piorin pills from the Pharmacy, I’ve changed my hair straighter to the Braun Sensocare and I’ve been using Dove’s Hair Fall Rescue System the past few weeks. The system has been amazing for my hair and I do recommend it for all of you who face hair fall issues.

Here is a before and after of my hair after taking a shower and brushing my hair.  I get a lot of hair fall, but was surprised to see the results!


Here’s how it works:


1) Shampoo has a milky texture and a light refreshing scent that you find in all dove products.  It lathers up easily, cleanses the scalp and prepares it for the leave-on intensive root treatment.  What I like about it is that it doesn’t leave the hair feeling dry like a lot of shampoos do.


2) Conditioner  also has a creamy texture and helps to moisturize the hair.  I applied only a little bit on the ends after shampooing.  Hair feels soft and easy to brush afterwards.


3) Leave-On Intensive Root Treatment (my favorite from the line) is applied on towel dried hair.  Create sections and apply the lotion evenly onto the clean scalp.  Spread it well into the hair strands.  Massage lotion for 2-3 minutes (this is important).  Use the entire vial at each application.  Leave it on until you next wash (Must be left on for at least 8 hours).  It doesn’t make the hair greasy and absorbs into the scalp.  Style as usual.  Use every 2 days.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo, 400ml: AED/SAR 17
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner, 400ml: AED/SAR 18
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Mask, 200ml: AED/SAR 25
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Leave-On Intensive Root Treatment: AED/SAR 34


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