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Presenting H & S Lively & Silky For Cover-Worthy Hair


Can you guess the Secret to Hair So Beautiful it’s Worthy of a Magazine Cover?

It’s Head & Shoulders!


Gorgeous hair is essential to a woman’s confidence. We want to have it all: beautiful healthy hair that is touchably soft all day long. Many women see their hair as a reflection of their identity, with a good hair day equalling a good day. We take hair inspiration from all around us – you pick up your favourite magazine and the cover star has the most gorgeous, soft and shiny hair… what is her secret?

Surprise! We already know that Head & Shoulders gives you a healthy scalp and 100% dandruff-free hair, but did you know that with Head & Shoulders you can have it all with beautifully soft and moisturized hair too? The World’s No.1 shampoo brand has launched an upgraded formula to Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky, so now you can have it all – flake-free and soft hair, so beautiful it’s worthy of being on a magazine cover.



With 6 x more moisturizers, Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky moisturizes your hair and scalp for surprisingly softer hair. The new Triple Moisture System and Moisture Seal Technology means hair remains touchably soft all day long, giving significantly better smoothness on dry hair versus a non-conditioning shampoo. Beautifully soft ingredients such as Camellia flower, known for moisture, also feature in the new scent.



Further adding to the feeling of fresh hair, Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky features a new scent, for hair that smells beautiful all day long. Notes of sweet Camellia flower, known for moisture, add a delicate floral scent to the formula, whilst silky berries are rich in essential vitamins, ensuring hair is left looking and smelling its best.



We’ve already let our hair experts in on the secret! They know that for beautiful, soft cover-worthy hair, Head & Shoulders is the answer:

“With Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky you don’t need to compromise and really CAN have it all – it’s perfect for irresistibly silky soft cover worthy hair and a healthy scalp.” Michel Zeytoun, renowned celebrity hairstylist and Head & Shoulders advocate.

Want to let others in on the secret? Share your #CoverWorthyHair

Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky is available nationwide from January.

Visit www.headandshouldersmea.com for more information.

*Associated with dandruff; with regular use


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