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Rediscover Your Natural Self



Introducing the NEW Nature Collection – the latest luscious range from Herbal Essences

Dubai, UAE, August 2014: We all strive to live healthier and look better. Whether it’s by eating fresh and free-range, or opting for organic and natural beauty products, we’re looking to nature’s luscious goodness to give us that extra boost, inside and out. We want it all – health, a good figure, great skin, and a full head of super soft, irresistibly shiny hair – but we’d rather use all-natural, back-to-basics ingredients to achieve those goals.

Nature Collection- HE

Natural is better and more beautiful, especially when it comes to irresistibly soft, shiny, clean hair. So, where better to take inspiration than nature and the natural world around us when creating Herbal Essences’ NEW Nature Collection. Like nature that cleverly balances itself by only taking what it needs, the NEW Herbal Essences Nature Collection only contains the things your hair loves. In fact, there’s nothing in there that your hair doesn’t love. Free from silicones, parabens and colourants, it’s designed to deliver touchably soft and lusciously shiny hair in a scent-sational shower experience. The NEW Herbal Essences Nature Collection will help you rediscover your irresistible natural beauty and enjoy that herbalicious confidence that comes with having a good hair day, every day.

Full of all the essentials and nothing else, NEW Herbal Essences Nature is specifically created to cleanse and condition without weighing hair down, while captivating the senses with heady aromas of fresh mint and white tea. Whatever you’re after, the Nature Collection has the solution. After unbeatable gloss? The Shine range delivers a radiant sheen, with white tea and mint extracts. Searching for intense nourishment? Indulge in the Moisture range, full of herbal mint fusion extracts and Herbal’s luscious hair complex. There’s something for everyone and the results are unanimous: irresistibly, touchably soft, shiny hair that will help rediscover your natural beauty and self. 

Herbal Essences Nature Moisture_Shampoo

Product Summary

Herbal Essences Nature Shine:

If you’re battling dull, lifeless hair, try the Nature Shine range. Featuring white tea and mint extracts that give you a scented shower moment to remember, it cleanses hair to restore it to its naturally beautiful state so it’s cleaner, glossier and more lustrous.

The range includes a Shine Shampoo and Shine Conditioner that are designed to be used together for high-shine, silky smooth tresses.

Herbal Essences Nature Shine_Conditioner

Herbal Essences Nature Moisture:

Damaged hair can really get you down, but the Nature Moisture range is here to save the day. With botanical mint infusions and Herbal Essences moisture system, this range banishes dry ends for luscious, hydrated and nourished hair, with a refreshing fragrance that will have you saying “yes, yes, yes!”

Designed to be used together, the Shampoo and Conditioner revitalize and reinvigorate your tresses. The result? Touch-ably soft, strong hair that smells incredible.

Are you ready to rediscover your natural self?

Herbal Essences Nature Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is available at leading supermarkets for RRP 14.18 AED.*
*Pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer

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