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Rimmel BB Radiance Cream For Summer


This summer come alive with Rimmel’s 9-in-1 BB Radiance Cream, a skin awakening super makeup!

Wake up to radiance with Rimmel’s skin-perfecting makeup; brightens skin with a natural, healthy looking glow! Come alive each morning with the specially formulated 9-in-1 BB Radiance Cream! Prime, smooth, conceal, moisturize, minimize the appearance of pores, awaken and brighten skin, whilst creating natural coverage and even radiant finish!

With its 9 benefits this BB Cream really does it all!

BB Cream Radiance will soon become one of your morning essentials as it helps to prep and beautify your skin at the same time! The lightweight & natural coverage formula has a built in primer so you look morning fresh.

The BB cream, formulated with nourishing shea butter, moisturizes your skin. Your skin has never been this smooth!

The moisturising formula gives your skin a burst of hydration and up to 24 hours of moisture.


This radiant number will make tired looking skin feel awake in the morning. Making it just as precious as your daily cup of coffee. Formulated with a specific Vitamin C complex, the formula helps to brighten your skin. No other formula has made you feel so alive!

Imperfections? BB Radiance has got you covered thanks to its concealing properties that help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

The light weight formula fuses perfectly with your skin to enhance your natural radiance and provide a no makeup look finish. This is the perfect formula for hot Summer!

Containing the all important SPF 20, Rimmel BB Radiance Cream helps protect your skin against harmful UV rays, providing medium protection from the sun. Your skin remains feeling moisturised, supple and hydrated. This isn’t just makeup – this is super makeup!!


BB Radiance is available in two shades that perfectly blends into your skin. Choose from light and medium to help reveal your most glowing self yet.

It is so easy to use, simply squeeze a pea-sized amount out of the tube and apply with your fingertips to say goodbye to fatigued tired looking. This BB really does do all the hard work.

  • Get the London look this summer with Rimmel BB Radiance Cream!


BB Radiance Cream


  • Wake up to radiance with Rimmel’s first skin-perfecting super makeup; brightening skin with a natural, healthy looking glow! Feel alive all day long with the specially formulated 9-in-1 BB Cream. It primes, perfects, smoothes, conceals and awakens your skin, all whilst creating a radiant finish! BB Radiance Cream is formulated with a vitamin C complex and with comforting and nourishing Shea butter
  • Package 
30 ml of makeup into a 25 mm Orange tube and what do you get? The must have product of the year!! Rimmel new BB Radiance Cream… get the London look.


001 light

002 medium

Recommended Retail Price: 39aed

Point of Sale: Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour

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