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10 Million Expected at the Riyadh Shopping Festival 2014!


The Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started preparations for the 10th session of the Shopping Festival and Entertainment. Last year there was a whopping 9 million visitors according to statistics.  The festival is considered one of the most important entertainment events in the region, which aims to highlight the Riyadh region as a distinct touristic destination, and contribute to the development of the tourism sector, which has become active and complementary economical tributary to the rest of the sectors in the Kingdom.  The event is expected to receive more than 10 million visitors this year, and to register a resounding success as in previous years.  it offers a wide range of activities that reflected the importance of festivals in promoting cities as a touristic destinations. The festival is an idiosyncratic model for the establishment and promotion of the concept of partnership between the public and private sectors, as it shortened the distance between tourism and economy to satisfy visitors and investors at the same time.


This round will be characterized by the diversity and richness of distinctive and exclusive events, in addition to huge reductions within the participating shops, prizes and raffles, as well as promotional and entertainment programs and numerous activities that fit with all segments of society.

Most of the shopping and entertainment centers in Riyadh, participate in the festival, including Star City, Hukair Land, Kingdom Centre, Sahara Mall, Saudi Real Estate Co., Granada Mall, Al-Othaim Mall, Al- Azizia Mall, Al- Rimal Centre, Riyadh Gallery commercial center, Khurais Plaza, Al-Salam Mall, Al- Kasr Mall, Al- Hayat Mall and Tulan entertainment city.

Duration: the festival shall run for a whole month starting summer 1435 A.H, 30th of Rajab 1435 A.H corresponding to 29th of May 2014 till 29th of Shaban 1435 corresponding to 27June 2014 during mid-year leave 


 Sources: Saudi Gazette & Arab News



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