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Sophie La Girafe Baby Collection


Since meeting the latest addition to our family, I’ve consciously grown aware of every fabulous woman in my life that has had a baby recently or of even the ones who are expecting… It truly is baby season! 


Babies are genuinely lucky with the lives of eating, being kept entertained and sleeping – yes I’m a tad jelly… However, above all that the gentleness of their skin and the way they smell is enough to make you broody and then-some! Could it really be Johnson & Johnson amongst other baby brands that work such miraculous wonders? Well let me tell you here mommies, there’s an amazing skincare range in the lovely and totally adorable Sophie La Girafe!


Completely organic and natural, the skincare brand has become a favorite amongst mothers as well! Yes moms, too, are adding this delightful skincare to their daily regime! With ingredients boasting organic lavender water, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel oil amongst others this 100% vegan skincare is a clever formulation completely allergen free. Not only is it beautifully textured but it really absorbs quickly and deeply. A product where a little bit goes a long way you’re sure to be pleased. The fragrance being a mix of all sorts of oils I detect a smell close to that of honey but is in fact a mix of Shea Butter and White Tea (close enough?!)… Sorry, got distracted whilst sniffing this endearing Face Cream on the back of my hand.

Sophie la Girafe Showcard A2 WEB

Why get this product? Not only is it fantastic for your bundle of joy and yourself (because you deserve baby soft skin too) but this label guarantees both ecological and ethical manufacturing processes. That’s not all! It’s totally affordable! Not too sure? Start off with the Sophie La Girafe Starter Kit containing 4 of the essentials. Don’t waste a moment too soon and add these charming essentials to your everyday regime!


Available at Harrods 

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