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How to Spend More Time with Your Family During Ramadan


Ramadan is the one holy month of the year where all Muslims alike fast, swearing off food and drink along with other habits such as smoking and swearing. Despite the difficulties that come with giving up these things, it is a time of the year that brings everyone together, predominantly family.

A conversation with a couple of  friends led me to raise the question of ‘how do you spend more time with your family during Ramadan?’ Here are a few things that could bring you closer with your loved ones during this special time of the year:


  • Help your mother and/or siblings prepare food (iftar and/or suhoor)
  • Religiously, engage in activities such as reading the Quran together or going to the mosque together
  • Do more charitable things together such as iftarsaa’imsadaqat – give money and  do good deeds
  • Watch Ramadan programs that air, be it a drama series or a religious one
  • Visit or invite relatives over for suhoor
  • Pray tahajjud together –prayer at night, whereby you can stay up together and pray for more rewards)



Remember, despite the tribulations of such a difficult fast it is to cleanse the soul and whatever you choose to do there is nothing more purifying and cleansing than having that faith and showing love to not only those you care for but to everyone as a whole.

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