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The Bridal Gown: Your Once in a Lifetime Red Carpet Moment


With a thriving wedding industry in Saudi Arabia & the Gulf region, the concept of a fairytale wedding with the red carpet majesty, is just as real to most brides as it is for professionals in the wedding industry. It’s no wonder then, that most weddings are centered around the bride and her gown, making this experience feel like the mother of all red carpet occasions.
As a bridal designer and consultant, here are my twelve commandments for a flawless bridal look:


1. Understand your figure and the areas you’d light to highlight or conceal.

2. Invest in support wear that help you achieve the desired figure enhancements, to bring with you during your bridal shopping spree.

3. If shopping for ready-to-wear, be prepared with ample time in your hands and bring along a compatible companion also, who has some ample time to spare.

4. Think of your wedding in macro-vision where you can imagine all elements being tied together. This will help you select a gown that flows with the venue, theme and scale of wedding.

5. The length & breadth of the walkway or aisle of the venue must be taken into consideration when opting for a long trail or veil.

6. When opting for couture, do your research to find out the most reputed and senior couturiers within your means. Couture is an investment, and needs diligence before venturing into it.copertina-shoes-660x400

7. Couture is a great choice for brides with specific themes or styles in mind. Couture is also highly recommended for brides with figures that fall in the (in between) sizes.

8. Practice your walk with the intended shoes and veil, especially if the veil is long. You will notice that you will need movement gimmicks to maneuver around during turns and seating positions. Having your movement and walk practiced will lead to more confidence and less stress on the day of the wedding. Additionally, photographers love when you know your routine ahead of time. Confidence in your gown will guarantee better pictures.

9. The pearl rule –  If you’re opting for jewelry with pearls, make sure your gown doesn’t have a contradictory type of ornamentation. Pearls are aesthetically more sensitive and need to applied carefully. If not, pearls can clash with the gown.
10. Plan your hairdo in accordance with the neckline and veil of the gown. Understand that a higher up-do, along with the height of your heels, can affect your overall height on the day of the wedding.

11. Do a run through for makeup ahead of time & consult your artist on the best looks that compliment your features as well as the style of your gown. Again, think of your look as a whole,with your gown in mind, and not as separate units.

12. Work with your florist or wedding planner to avoid using flowers with pollen in your bridal bouquet. If you must do so, then make sure to cut the pollen stems. Pollen stains are nearly impossible to clean of a bridal gown.

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