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The First Arabic-Inspired Parisian OUD Fragrance – SECRET DE ROCHAS OUD MYSTERE




The first Arabic-inspired Parisian oud fragrance

The Next Exciting Chapter for a New Fragrance Icon

Not since the debut of Femme in 1943 had Rochas launched a luxury fragrance that so
perfectly captured the joie de vivre of a true Parisian woman. With Secret de Rochas, Jean-
Michel Duriez, Rochas in-house nose, established a new Rochas icon. Embraced by
fragrance admirers and collectors of the Rochas brand as well as a new generation of
women drawn to its Parisian chic, Secret appeals to those seeking the ultimate French luxury
experience. A creation of such audacious spirit and elusive elegance, Secret presented an
entirely new fragrance universe for the storied Rochas brand. With the success of Secret, one
question remained, “What other secrets lie within the world of the Rochas woman?”


Given the complexity of the Parisian woman and her multi-faceted appeal, Rochas chose to
reveal a more mysterious mood with Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère – the first Arabic-inspired,
Parisian oud fragrance.

Rochas in-house nose Jean-Michele Duriez noted,

“I wanted to connect with the mystery
aspect of Secret. Every secret is mysterious. Sometimes secrets are so secret that they don’t
even exist. It’s that sense of wanting to know more that enhances the mystery. A Parisienne
will never reveal everything about herself; there’s always something about her that’s a little
mysterious and hard to describe. You’re just instinctively drawn to her. All women, and
perhaps especially Parisian women, desire to keep their secrets, secret,” Duriez remarked.


The Fragrance

For Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère Rochas in-house nose Jean-Michel Duriez retained the
chic, feminine Parisian style so integral to the house of Rochas, and infused it with a note of
mystery. True to the Rochas woman, Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère is beautifully brought to
life through exotic Middle Eastern notes. Using Secret de Rochas fragrance as a starting point,
Duriez drew upon the best natural materials and employed his signature balance, seamlessly
layering luxurious spices and woods with an opulent oud accord for the perfect hint of
oriental mystery.

Unique and alluring, a masterful combination of feminine and woody notes captures the
mysterious side of the Rochas woman. This very special fragrance took Duriez on a deeply
sensorial journey that referenced the Rochas woman’s sophistication through graceful florals,
elegance through luxurious spices and woods and sensuality through earthy notes all
wrapped in a veil of the opulent oud accord.

“I didn’t want to take the standard approach to developing an oud for Rochas– deep and
heavily woody,” said Duriez. “I take a lot of inspiration from the culinary world, and I’m
inspired by the nature of fusion cuisine and the blending of two cultures. For the new Secret
de Rochas Oud Mystère I created a type of “oud fusion” –combining both the Parisian joie
de vivre with the history and culture of the Middle East. It is a more creative, modern
approach that remains true to the Rochas brand.”

With Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère, Duriez maintains the time-honored tradition of secret
keeping established by his illustrious predecessors in the perfume industry. For Secret de
Rochas Oud Mystère, Duriez included the very special secret ingredient unique to the original
Secret de Rochas fragrance. This ingredient adds an elegant twist to the spice, floralcy and

oud accord, making the fragrance even more rich and intoxicating. This precious ingredient,
also present in Femme, and known only to Duriez, will forever remain unknown, hidden away
inside the Rochas archives in the heart of Paris.

 Rochas OUD pack shot 1

The Notes

“To me, nothing is more mysterious than the beautiful, wood notes of an oud fragrance. For
Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère I looked no further than those references and added a
Parisian twist. I knew that the right blend of a precious oud accord and Rochas’ Parisian chic
signature would create the perfect ‘Parisian Oud’. Unique, elegant and sensual with a
mysterious side – just like the Rochas woman,” Duriez continued.

Top: Rose accord, Saffron

Heart: Osmanthus, Secret Ingredient

Bottom: Oud Accord, Moss, Patchouli, Olibanum

The Allure of Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère

As the visionary creator of the Secret universe, Duriez was asked if both scents could appeal
to a single woman. He replied, “I envision a woman wearing both the original Secret as well
as Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère. Oud has a more mysterious, refined sensibility. It’s an
evolution or an extension of the Secret de Rochas world. Oud Mystère is the ideal evening
scent; it’s the kind of scent a woman would wear when she wants to feel extra special.


Distinctive Packaging

In keeping with the extraordinary packaging conceived for Secret de Rochas, the exquisite
coffret that encases Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère picks up on the elegant apricot color
that is a hallmark of the house, and taps into the Middle Eastern aspect of the perfume’s star
ingredient, oud. The reference to mosaic patterns and the interpretation of the Rochas rose
reinforce the exoticism of the fragrance. The elegant cylindrical glass bottle with spherical
metallic cap recall the shape of a traditional keyhole, an allusion to the perfume’s mysterious
nature. As is the case with the original Secret, the bottle is nestled in a round, handcrafted
box reminiscent of vintage Rochas perfume packaging from the Forties.

The coffret features an Arabic pattern and elegantly scripted quote by Marcel Rochas:

“If I don’t know her, I imagine her. If I know her, it’s a friendly introduction.”

The Maison Rochas

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