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The Must Have Matte Lipsticks for Arabs!


It feels like the obsession with matte lips is never going to end.  Matte lips just look soooo good!  Matte lips are also great for those of us who have dark lips, the matte texture covers and evens it out with minimal effort.  Matte lips also stand the heat in hot countries.  There’s a 101 reasons to love Matte lips, and you know what…the trend is here to stay!  I try out lots and lots of products.  Here are my list of the best Matte lipsticks out there with some color recommendations for Arabs.


1.  MAC Matte Lipsticks



Mac has a great range of matte lipsticks that are extremely pigmented and in a variety of beautiful colors (that’s why we love MAC so much).  Some of my favorite MAC Matte lip shades are: Mehr, Russian Red, Kinda Sexy, Please me and Velvet Teddy.

2.  Makeup For Ever Intense Rouge Matte 01


Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are awesome, very matte and they particularly have a good range of nude matte shades.  Some favorites 01, 02 and 05.  You’ll find a matte nude you love in this range for sure.


3.  Revlon Matte


Revlon Matte lipsticks are classic. These lipsticks aren’t matte matte they are more of a creamy matte. Revlon’s 003 Mauve it Over is one of my ALL time favorite nude colors for Arab skin tones.  It’s not a beige nude its actually a mauve but on Arab skin looks like a natural lip color.  I have like 3 of them, I get worried what if they discontinue it?! Seriously you will love it, its a great color.


4. Lime Crime



If you haven’t tried Lime Crime you don’t know what your missing in your life.  These lipsticks are INTENSE in color and extremely pigmented.  Wicked is a gorgeousdeep vampy shade for Arab skin tones and Pink Velvtine is a stunning bright pink for the spring/summer.  There is nothing like these out there.  100% matte pure color.  You can’t buy these in stores only online at www.limecrime.com



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