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The Summer Secret To #CoverWorthyHair Is H&S Lively & Silky


The new upgraded formula to Head & Shoulders Lively & Silky is especially designed to prep your tresses for the hot summer months – so you can embrace the new season with flake-free, soft, #CoverWorthyHair


It’s no secret that the Middle East’s scorching summer temperatures can take a significant toll on the quality and appearance of our hair and render our locks dry, brittle and frizzy. After all, for most of us, summertime is synonymous with UV rays, salt water, and humidity all of which are considered important triggers of hair damage.

This, of course, bags the question: how can women in the region navigate the blazing heat without jeopardizing the texture of their hair?


The answer to this very question lies in Head & Shoulders’ upgraded Lively & Silky formula. Launched earlier this year, the groundbreaking shampoo has six times more moisture than ordinary shampoos. More importantly, it deeply nourishes locks for softer, #CoverWorthyHair that can withstand summer’s sunny days.

In addition, the new Triple Moisture System and Moisture Seal Technology means hair remains ‘touchably’ soft all day long, giving significantly better smoothness to dry hair, especially compared to non-conditioning shampoos.

The added bonus? The formula relieves dryness, fights frizz, and hydrates your scalp, leaving your hair smelling fresh and looking soft and more manageable – which means less prone to heat damage.

Beautifully-soft ingredients such as Camellia flower, known for moisture, also feature in the new scent.

Commenting on the new formula, Michel Zeytoun, renowned celebrity hairstylist and Head & Shoulders advocate, said:

“With Head & Shoulders’ Lively & Silky, you can protect your hair this summer without needing to stay indoors. In short, you don’t need to compromise and can really have it all – it’s perfect for irresistibly silky soft cover worthy hair and a healthy scalp.”


*Associated with dandruff; with regular use



Visit www.headandshouldersmea.com for more information.


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