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Time For Skin Lovers To Look Into 111SKIN


I’ve often heard about 111SKIN but never really came across their products. Founded by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides M.D. F.AC.S offers exceptional cosmetics treatments in this fantastic skin range.

Firstly, Dr. Yannis is a plastic surgeon at one of Harley Street’s best cosmetic surgery practices – 111 Harley Street in London. Famous for his facial reconstructive and rejuvenation treatments he has certainly made his mark in the field with people flocking worldwide for one of his treatments. Upon his days of surgical treatments he created a serum which he would administer to his patients as part of his after-care treatment. Used to minimalize scarring his patients were buying in bulk. To his surprise the feedback was that they not only used this concoction on their treated areas but on their face and found it miraculous. Working alongside space scientists with extensive research into aging due to climate extremities they created the key formula NAC Y2. This patented formula and the only one in the market is used by Dr. Yannis and his team.


With that brief history, treatments at the 111 Harley St. include use of these products and proven to fight the damage by environmental changes. I was invited to experience their 111SKIN Micropen Facial and I have never in all my life experience such a relaxing facial. The micropen with its fine needles pinch along the skin to penetrate pores with the 111SKIN Y Theorem Serum. The lovely Milena walked me through the procedure and explained the science behind the products and the overall objective of the facial. One thing I appreciated about this place was that they literally look at your individual skin needs before offering their treatments and finding a way to tailor it just to you. Let me tell you something, marketed to lift and tighten skin in addition to combating hyperpigmentation, scarring, blocked pores etc., this non-invasive treatment lives to its expectations. My skin was left glowing! Again I cannot stress enough that no facial has ever left my skin super soft and essentially dewy. I felt like I had new skin! It also made makeup application so much easier as there was definitely evenness in skin tone. I cannot sing its praises enough!

As the hour long treatment went on, Milena mentioned products of the line after responding to what I find most problematic with my skin and they have something for every ailment! The 111SKIN range is made of 23 products with offerings of: Day & Night Moisturisers, Cleansers, Essences and Serums, Treatments and my new personal favorite – Celestial Black Diamond. Wait until I tell you about the science of this line!


For all my fellow science lovers, when meteors strike the Earth there is a production of charcoal which is made of the basic element – carbon. This particular carbon is polished into a diamond and the nano-particles from this particular diamond are the key component of these products. Designed to penetrate the NAC Y2 formula, Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid into the deeper layer of skin this line is guaranteed to reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Here is the best part, for all my fellow dark under-circled girls they have an eye cream!!! Believe you me; this is something that I will definitely be adding to my beauty regiment.

If you are in London, I definitely think it is worth your while if you book a consultation and try one of their treatments as I’ve seen just what they are capable of and it is the best recommendation I can make in terms of beneficial skin products I’ve used thus far!


The 111SKIN range can be found in Harrods, Net-a-Porter, and Harvey Nichols Dubai (perfect for all our ladies and gentlemen out there!)

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