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Tom Ford Private Blend Fleur De Portofino


Luminous and addictive, FLEUR DE PORTOFINO explores the hypnotic effect of Mediterranean coastal flowers as their perfume intermingles with the region’s other sensory impressions like honey and orange.  Seen through a rich, Italianate lens, it is both audacious yet innocent at the same time.

The fourth eau de parfum in the Neroli Portofino Collection, FLEUR DE PORTOFINO is the captivating, floral complement to the eau-fraiche vibrancy of Neroli Portofino, the oceanic woodiness of Costa Azzurra and the citrus-herbal effervescence of Mandarino di Amalfi.





Inspired by the cascades of flowers that spill off the branches of the white acacia trees that line the tranquil avenues, FLEUR DE PORTOFINO creates a crisp and bright floral accord from this unexpected bloom, then surrounds it with effervescent citruses and wraps it in tantalizing acacia honey.


The top note is a concoction of crisp, citrus essences. A blend of Sicilian lemon, mandarin from Sorrento, Calabrese bergamot, and juicy tangerine conjure an image of an orange grove soaked with coastal oceanic rains. This cocktail is furthered by bigarade (inedible bitter orange) leaf absolute for depth and body. Violet leaf absolute Orpur® wraps the accord with its green vegetal nuances.  Syringa also known as mock orange flower—supports the opening notes with a floral impression that is as heady as orange flower, but with fresher nuances of honeysuckle and green gardenia buds.


The heart of the fragrance is an accord constructed around the white acacia blossom. Combining notes of cassie tree and mimosa, white acacia is distinguished by its orange flower richness and addictive, spicy trail. This beguiling note is paired with white petaled magnolia, and then wrapped in a bouquet of iconic Mediterranean floral extracts: orange flower Templar, Moroccan rose absolute, and an exceptional quality of jasmine “grandiflorum” concrete, known for its narcotic scent.


The dry down is structured around a delectable acacia honey accord—a honey made exclusively from the nectar of the acacia flower. Cistus absolute lends a golden, resinous touch, while vanilla absolute and Tolu balsam lend their balsamic warmth. Civet and ambrette seed absolute offer a parting animalic muskiness that sensuously supports the floral heart. FLEUR DE PORTOFINOembodies an Italian persona with a deep desire to be noticed and possessed.





FLEUR DE PORTOFINO is housed in a light-blue version of the turquoise Neroli Portofino bottle. This lighter shade of aqua blue glass—the color of the sea where it meets the sand on a sunny day—captures the fragrance’s fresh and light-filled floralcy. The Fleur de Portofino bottle is labeled with a gold name plaque, finished with a golden cord at the neck and packaged in a folding carton of the same shade of blue.

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