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Top 3 Products in Your Kitchen for Naturally Great Hair this EID!



With Eid right around the corner, and it being one of the few religious celebrations we have, it’s definitely a time for us to make sure we look our best, and what better way of doing that than walking through the kitchen? Here are my top 3 ways of getting naturally amazing hair with products that are an arm’s length away!



July 22nd Jul 10 am Post 1

Warm up a small bowl of olive oil in the microwave, but make sure it’s not burning hot – just warm enough to soothe your follicles. Massage it onto your scalp and make sure you also focus on the tips – this is one thing to note, because I’ve always tended to just concentrate on the scalp. Also, do try to massage your head for about 20 minutes, as the blood circulation not only feels nice, but it also encourages the healthy growth of hair. Leave it on for at least half an hour, but the longer the better – although, please, not more than 12-15 hours!



July 22nd Jul 10 am Post 2

This doesn’t come from me, it’s more from my sister who’s always trying out all these natural things and she (and I) swear by it! All the hair products we use build up in our follicles and rob it of its natural shine and lustre. So what you need to do is basically add a sufficient amount (perhaps a tsp) to the amount of shampoo you’re about to use, and just shampoo your hair normally. Wash as usual, but do let us know how it worked for you!


July 22nd Jul 10 am Post 3

I’ve heard a LOT of people talk about this one recently, and it’s amazing! Simply add several tablespoons of it to a gallon of water, mix it well, and pour through your hair. Then try to keep the mixture through your hair as much as it can sustain, and tie it up, preferably in a shower mask. Let it sit for around an hour, do your chores and stuff, and then rinse well.


Do you have any other natural ingredient-secrets that you SWEAR by? Share with us! xx 

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