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Top Fitness Myths Busted!


Myth 1: Ab crunches will make my stomach flat!


NO. All the ab excercises in the world will NOT make your abs flat. Abs are hidden behind a layer of body fat. High body fat will not melt or tone down from crunches. Diet, Conditioning and Weight training will bring your overall body fat down, and therefore reveal your flat stomach, typically the last thing to show up on the physique. So focus on your overall program, not one muscle group.

Myth 2: If I lift weights, then I will get bulky like Arnold Schwarzenegger!


If you are a female, and have been lifting weights for 10 years, and eating like the hulk and taking steroids. Then yes, you might end up looking like Arnold. A body builders profile looks the way it does, because of several factors including testosterone, diet specific for muscle gains (note: Muscle gain is harder than loosing fat), lifting consistently heavy for several years, and potentially the help of other factors such as drugs. Loosen up. Lift heavy and watch your fat melt down.

Myth 3: Machines are safer than free weights!


Although machines are a great way to start working out as a beginner, they are not necessarily fool proof. It is easy to get started on machines and get caught up in the wrong posture, which can lead to serious injury. If you don’t know how to use a machine, and don’t have a friend or gym partner who does, as the gym staff.

Myth 4: I need to detox before I start my fitness regime!


This is a loaded one, and I will write a lengthier article on this one day. The short of it is, you do not need to detox your body to kick start your fitness lifestyle. Detox’s often involve minimum calories based on juices, soups, or limited food options. When you give up the foods that are preventing you from loosing weight, your body will do what it was meant to. Your liver is detoxing your body on a regular basis. Don’t fall for the detox supplement scam.

Myth 5: You need to workout for an hour everyday!


The truth is, as long as you are active and pushing your body’s limits, your body will respond positively. Some days you might want to do 1 hour, other days you might only have 10 minutes, in which case, push your limits and focus on speed. Its all about getting your heart pumping and surprising your muscles.


Author – Gule Sheikh

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