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Uber – Going The Distance To Put People First


Shanghai, China. February 13th 2014. Driver images for UBER marketing content.


Uber started their service a few months ago in Saudi, and it is really a life-changing service at your finger tips, literally! Uber is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their simple-to-use iPhone or Android app. They are opening up more possibilities for women in Saudi to commute at will, safely and economically.  Having started in just 2009, they are already in over 200 cities which includes Dubai.

So to celebrate Uber’s launch in Saudi, they have offered our readers two free rides to test and enjoy their service! instead of paying, just use the code “SaudiBeauty” and enjoy!


Its simple. You get a ride in 4 steps through your finger tips on your smart phone!

Download the app from your favorite app store – here are the links:

iTunes (click)

Google play (click)

Then follow these following steps:

1 – Open the app and register yourself (first time only)Uber-1

2 – Setup your payment method (one time only) – Uber follow the “Graceful exit”, so you dont need to have cash (or change) to pay for your ride.


3 – Enter SaudiBeauty in the promo code to get two rides for FREE! Uber-4

4 – Choose a pick up location for your ride, the app automatically locates where you are and also shows how long is your closest ride! The app will show you the cost of the ride, confirm and you are done! You will even get a notification on your phone when the car has arrived to your location. You can also call or SMS the driver right from the app!


Thats it – enjoy your ride and dont forget to rate your ride!

Uber-6All rides MUST be rated to help ensure future customers get the honest most opinion about the driver and car. Uber follows a very high standard of quality and criteria to select their drivers which is covered further below in detail.


Wherever you are around the world, Uber is committed to connecting you to the safest ride on the road. That means setting the strictest safety standards possible, then working hard to improve them every day. The specifics vary depending on what local governments allow, but within each city we operate, we aim to go above and beyond local requirements to ensure your comfort and security!




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