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Urban Decay Summer Collection 2016


Well 20th June marked the official first day of summer, I’m losing my mind over the latest summer collections and what to add to what is now a very large makeup collection. Already briefing you on Illamasqua and Nars, the next on the agenda is… Yep, you guessed it – Urban Decay. You’ve already probably seen all over social media the hype around the latest products including the new lipsticks but that will come in a separate post. I’m talking their Summer Collection. Can I just say and I know I use the term love a lot, but in this case it would be an understatement!

Why is this collection so wonderful? Because it focuses on one thing and one thing only – your summer glow. You’re probably thinking it’s a little reminiscent of the cult favorite Geurlain but this is so much more!

First things first, there’s a new member in the Naked complexion line-up and it’s their Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector. Totally affordable the product is somewhat of a tinted moisturizer/BB cream type coverage that’s fantastically light as well as being packed with much needed skincare ingredients including vitamins as well as yep, SPF! SPF 20 to be precise. This product is exactly what is needed for living in the Middle East or if abroad in a warmer climate.


It is available in six shades and goes from light tones to dark. Literally covering the essential skincare ingredients to actively look after your skin whilst covering it up for an even tone, what’s not to like? Use this new treat with their Naked Concealer, giving that added coverage the perfector might not cover (for all my ladies who like full coverage). This concealer in my opinion is one of the best and they’ve even extended their color range so there are more shades!

Two noteworthy products are the Beach Bronzerand Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter. The highlighter is available in three shades but the one that stands out the most for me is Sin, a warm champagne shimmer that extenuates or even emulates that summer glow.

On the point of skin, the makeup-less look is making waves in makeup trends. With more natural brows, dewy skin and radiant glows this collection is set to help you on your way of achieving that look.

Urban Decay, take a bow!

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