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Vichy’s Capital Soleil Sun-care Expands With This Summer’s Must-Have


It goes without saying we’re all obsessed with being tanned, but as we get older we also grow more aware of skin damage caused by the sun. I suppose it doesn’t help that global warming is taking its toll world wide.

When I had the luxury of tanning I was always warned of the type of damage I was doing to my skin and in fact, I’d only speeded up the process of ageing. I’ve become very much aware of all the signs of ageing and what I can do to prevent them from happening! Upon speaking to women who have fantastic skin, including hardly any lines and wrinkles they all had one thing in common. Wearing sun creams with a SPF of above 50, everyday without fail. The thought makes me cringe especially experienced how thick and oily these creams can be, but beauty giant Vichy Laboratoires has released and added to its Capital Soleil sun-care collection. The Capital Soleil Velvety BB Cream SPF50+ alongside the Capital Soleil Kids Milk SPF50 for our little ones are set to be released this glorious summer!



kids milk spf50


Perfect timing for those wondering what sun care one should invest in. To be honest, the Velvety BB cream boasts an ultra-light texture, hyaluronic acid and a high UV protection with an all in all re-plumping action makes your skin feel soft, supple and smooth. Whether you’re trying to go makeup free at the beach or want to wear it as a base to your everyday make up, give this skin care brand’s latest product a try because they always promise to deliver the highest and best of quality!

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