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Visiting London? Don’t Miss A Visit To Selfridge’s Body Studio


When anybody comes to London it’s almost rare for them to not know of one of the world’s greatest department stores – Selfridges. For me, personally. I live in that store. It has everything you need and annually they are pushing the boundaries of shopping with innovation, creativity and finally making it the best shopping experience. As the month of Ramadan runs its course, I know for a fact a lot will be flocking to London for summer. Add Selfridges to your ‘go-to’ list as they have a completely new offering some of you may have already heard about. The Body Studio.

If you follow the famous department store on social media, then you may have already seen women of all shapes and sizes donning hand-picked merchandise from their second floor haven. Pray tell Miriam and get to the point? Hold on, I’m getting there.


If you’re familiar with the store then you would know that their lingerie and swimwear department were located on the floor in an old-fashioned way. What this store has done is create an entire space for a woman’s needs. Think about Body + Mind + Soul. From fitness wear to swimwear and accessories to nightwear and lingerie, it’s all available in this beautifully new interior that also boasts the Daniel Galvin salon and the new Hemsley + Hemsley Café. So ladies, you can literally shop, pamper yourself and enjoy a healthy meal or some tea at your convenience. That’s like every department store you say. Well, no, because this literally revolves around the concept of well-being.

Upon entry into the Studio, the first thing you see is workout gear amongst equipment that all women fitness-inspired must have! Noting here, that they stock Body Armor! If you know about gym wear and fitness clothes, this brand is a staple and needs to be added to your collection immediately. Opposite the fitness section if you will, I could not help but notice the amount of light entering the room. A massive window changes the ambience of the entire studio. Proceeding into the room, the next thing you see is the collection of swimwear and the difference this time being that there are accessories including sunglasses to make your shopping a bit more streamline. To the right, you will find the Hemsley + Hemsley café. You’re probably wondering what that is.


Hemsley + Hemsley was founded by Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley. The latest craze in London, these sisters have made their mark in healthy living. With a real passion for food and good nutrition, they are famed for cooking and catering for private clients, celebrities, and top fashion brands including Louis Vuitton and Chanel! They are contributors on infamous publications such as Vogue’s site too! With books under their belt not to mention a show on our very own Channel 4 in the UK too, the cafe in Selfridges is one of their many achievements! Pop into to experience what their food is about and you will immediately love the concept and feel like you’re eating delicious, nutritional guilt-free food. I was treated to anything from their menu that could only be described as healthy. I enjoyed their ‘Pep-Up tea’ which was a blend of ginger, turmeric, cayenne and lemon juice and their vegan ‘Chocolate chip cookie’ made with ground almonds, coconut oil and 85% dark chocolate. Let me tell you something, they were far from disappointing. Absolutely yummy with the combination of flavors and left me feeling anything but guilty for indulging. Their menu includes breakfast, lunch etc. and offers a selection of interesting foods and spices you wouldn’t think of combining.


Next door is the Daniel Galvin salon. Offering a variety of treatments, nail treatments and of course the usual hair treatment the salon up-scaled from its previous size. Gorgeously designed and by massive windows the ambience is perfect – you do not feel like you’re in a department store! Treated to a wash and blow dry, I’m going to be frank here and say BEST BLOW DRY in London!!! The young lady who looked after me, Evie (the Principal Stylist) was lovely and extremely gentle with my hair as well as super informative. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve been around London from expensive to high-street salons and this by far was my #1 blow dry. There was no frizz, no kinks, no missed out tendrils, no breakage, no static hairs. Just perfectly coiffed hair with gorgeous loose curls. One word for this salon and their team – AMAZING.


The Body Studio is wonderfully lit with sky lights, strategically placed goods, and a certain atmosphere that makes a woman feel uplifted. It was designed for every woman and it’s great to see a department store do just that. The old size room where a fraction of the goods were, felt a little dark and old-fashioned but this new space brings a whole new meaning to department stores around the UK. You don’t feel confined nor pressured. Shopping is enjoyable and again you really do feel the sense of Mind + Body + Soul. A definite ‘do’ on your list when visiting the famed department store in London, you wouldn’t regret it. Also, keep your eyes out for little surprises from them in the future!

Note: This trip was organized by Visit Britain. Thanks so much for a lovely experience!


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