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Why Must One Fast During Ramadan?


In Islam, one cannot stress enough the importance of Ramadan. It isn’t just about giving up food, it is all about fasting and praying for a purpose. Below are the reasons as to why it is vital, as a Muslim, to fast during the holy month of Ramadan:

  • To train yourself and your soul from temptation
  • Self-discipline
  • To feel exactly what the poor/less fortunate endure (relate to how they feel and what they go through daily)
  • A sense of equality whereby every one of every class is equal
  • With fasting, you gain a lot of patience, will-power, and self-restraint from all bad things and evil. Hence reminds you of how you should be as a Muslim
  • A good way to re-strengthen your faith
  • Redirects your heart away from worldly activities. Cleanses one’s soul by freeing it from harmful impurities
  • A month where the Quran was revealed and therefore fasting, praying and all good deeds are counted for a lot more
  • People must take advantage of this month and try to redeem themselves to gain as much reward from it, as it is believed if you truly repent, fast and pray then you will gain rewards and your past sins will be forgiven

Now that we know the purpose of fasting during this Holy month, let us put additional endeavors towards praying and fasting this Ramadan and please remember me in your duas 🙂

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