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Wild Mega Volume Mascara – Introducing the Amplifier Brush!!!


Max Factor puts tons of research behind their products to bring us fabulous new products that will hopefully become our everyday staples.  You all know how much I love the brand.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with their new Wild Boutique Collection and one of the highlighting products from the collection is the New Wild Mega Volume Mascara.




“For super-saturated lashes and mega quick volume, wedge the brush at the root of the lashes and brush out several times. Or, go wilder and get a more extreme, stretched out lash look by sweeping the brush to the outer edge of the eye, giving the lashes a fiercely amplified effect.” – Pat McGrath, Max Factor Global Creative Director


Up to 3X Lash Volume for a fiercely amplified lash look!

The Wild Mega Volume Mascara Amplifier brush features hollow, soft bristle fibers that load the formula onto the brush and is specifically designed with a waist of shorter bristles to hold the formula, allowing it to be instantly deposited onto the lash base, for super saturated lashes and quick volume building.

The rounded tip and been engineered with longer bristles to reach the inner and outer corner lashes – so volume is stretched up and out from the root to tip, for a wide-eyed look.


What I love:

  • Brush: To me a brush makes or breaks the mascara and the new amplifier brush has a dip in the center that doesn’t hold excess product so you get a clean application each time.  The brush design allows you to maneuver the product onto the lashes and really get into the inner corners reaching even the tiny lashes.
  • Packaging: Just in time for spring, I love the colorful packaging!
  • Volume: 1 coat works well for a natural yet defined lash while 2-3 coats give instant volume!
  • Color: Intense true black finish


Wild Mega Volume Mascara is the latest mascara innovation from Max Factor that instantly blackens and plumps up the look of every lash- for a fiercely amplified lash look.


Available in three shades: Black, Brown/Black and Black (Water Resistant)



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