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Wojooh Fragrances of the Season


In this region – when it comes to fragrance – there’s no doubt that we are the experts! Whether we’re spraying on our classic Oud, trying out a new perfume from of our favorite brand or maybe even layering both at the same time, we can’t leave the house without our signature scent!

The new Oud by Gucci arose as a curiosity for worldly travel by Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director – who took a special interest into our region and our cultures fragrance rituals. The new scent interprets ancient ingredients from the East in a modern and iconic way. The new fragrance was created with a natural and very unique source of Oud, specially cultivated and purified just for Gucci. The opening notes of the fragrance contain pear and raspberry; they then meet the vibrancy of saffron and then follow the introduction of the Bulgarian Rose and the Orange Flower. Enhancing the deep sensuality of the Oud at the core of the fragrance are ambary, musky notes and of course Patchouli, a true icon of Gucci scents. The Patchouli gives the fragrance a modernity that differentiates it from the traditional Oud we all know and love!

The new Rose Malaki – created by perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie – is part of the Malaki collection from Chopard, inspired by the Orient. The Malaki collection, named after the Arabic word “royal”, was the first of its kind to come from the luxury brand.

Encompassing oriental and leather characteristics, the Rose Malaki provides an oriental and spicy composition where the scent of the rose plays the main role. A symbol of romanticism, the Damascus rose blooms in the heart of the fragrance with soft notes of petals spiced with saffron. Cedar is present as a deep and elegant note in the base of the scent. The union of the ingredients creates a familiar scent of Oud but with a romantic twist!

Pass by Wojooh to try either of these fragrances out during the Month of Ramadan and explore the rest of our wide selection of fragrances. Why not gift your loved ones with a new scent for Eid? Although Ramadan is a time for giving and gifting, Wojooh wants to remind you to gift yourself as well. If you pass by our store from July 15th – July 30th for your gifting needs Wojooh will gift you back with a beautiful vanity case – to remind you just how special you are!



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