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Wojooh Launches Its Own Makeup Line!


The low-down!

Wojooh, the leading Middle Eastern beauty retailer, is proud to announce its very own private makeup line dedicated to the region’s consumers.

The line Wow by Wojooh, is the result of the beauty brand’s17 years in this market. It has been developed to meet demand from an increasingly sophisticated and makeup savvy consumer base. It will consist of a total of 140 products and shades ranging from heat-proof foundation to extreme wear lip lacquer.


What makes Wow by Wojooh different from the rest?

Wow by Wojooh combines European makeup knowhow with regional expertise and creativity. It is made in Europe but inspired by the demands of the region, keeping the Middle Eastern consumer at the very centre of its creation. Wojooh is in the unique position of knowing (and loving) its customers like no one else.

Beauty experts at Wojooh left no stone unturned in producing the formulas and the ingredients for this new line; they used prime raw material and cutting edge technology found in the best factories in France, Italy and Germany. With the regional consumer in mind, they made sure the formulas were adapted to the weather conditions here. The heat and the humidity demand strong, long lasting ingredients along with high concentrations of pigmentation that provide great coverage. Wow by Wojooh has all that and more.

These are products that can multi-task! The Picture Perfect Liquid Foundation is water resistant so it can withstand humidity and sweating, and is also enriched with antioxidants and vitamins. The Lash Over Volume Mascara formula is so rich with waxes and pigment that it instantly provides more moisture and lash condition, thickness and an extra deep black color.


What you need to know

The inspiration for Wow by Wojooh comes from years of research and studies including focus groups, interviews with industry experts and customer feedback. The beauty brand also looked at sales figures, identifying the most popular products in the region, and then improved on those products. This was done by developing shades to suit regional skin tones and improving the formulas to withstand the climate and demands of the consumer here.

Wojooh is famous for its expertise and its friendly, connected approach. The launch of Wow by Wojooh will be accompanied by on-line makeup tutorials, videos and in-store expert advice. The brand is with its customers every step of the way!

Wojooh as a brand follows (and creates!) trends. Wow by Wojooh is no exception. This is a makeup range that encompasses quality with all the latest styles to ensure its customers are always ahead of the curve.

If you want to replicate the latest looks from the Spring/Summer 2014 shows, Wojooh’s magnificent collection has the right products for you. Chic cat-eyes are especially big this season as well as the smoky eye. Achieve soft winged shapes and precision lines by using Wow by Wojooh’s The Little Black Pot – Waterproof Gel Eyeliner or Pure Ink Liner – Waterproof Liquid Liner.

There will be six ‘star’ products in the range that stand out because they are innovative or because of their outstanding formulas. They include the never Master Brow, an eyebrow transformation kit and Color Ritual, a porous breathe-in nail that lets water reach the nails.

In addition there is a range of 15 professional and affordable beauty tools including brushes with super soft bristles, sponges and pencil sharpeners. In short everything you need for your bag!

Wojooh, formerly known as Faces, is the Middle East preferred beauty retailer having over 70 stores across 10 countries in the region.

Wojooh is the Middle East reference, sharing your love of beauty.



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