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Wow By Wojooh Launches Chunky Funky Lips!


Wow by Wojooh introduces its new makeup essential – the Chunky Funky Lips! The ultimate accessory for any girl on the go, the pocket sized lipstick crayon is a beauty MUST for all. The color stick comes in 6 funky shades – a light pink Rosy Delights, a coral Flamingo Flare, a fuchsia Berry Wojooh, a bright red Krazy Karaz, a soft nude in Honey Drops, and a darker nude in Sweet Jallab. The color sticks’ extra creamy texture contains emollients, Vitamin E and shea butter – so not only are they funky, but they are perfect for a soft and smooth lips.


Wow by Wojooh believes that beauty is the ultimate fashion accessory! One of our favorite local brands is All Things Mochi – the colorful collections can be perfectly complimented by our new color sticks. Pair one of the Palestinian pieces from All Things Mochi with our red Krazy Karaz or maybe one of the Thailand pieces with our hot pink Berry Wojooh. No matter what your look we have a Chunky Funky Lips to accessorize any outfit!


Don’t forget to pick up our Wow by Wojooh Maxi Sharpener – the Chunky Funky Lips best friend! Not only can you sharpen your new color sticks, but the double sized sharpener can also be used to sharpen up our Wow by Wojooh Lip Master lip liners!

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The Chunky Funky Lips and Maxi Sharpener are available exclusively at Wojooh.
Chunky Funky Lips: 55 AED/SAR/QAR – 5.6 BD – 25,300 LBP
Maxi Sharpener: 40 AED/SAR/QAR – 4.1 BD – 18,150 LBP


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