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Wow By Wojooh Launches The New Master Blender Collection


There are beauty products and then there are beauty products — those all-star beautifiers that overachieve in the best possible sense of the word. The Master Blenders by Wow by Wojooh are in that category of products; when you have little time and must look fabulous, act like the professional makeup artists and use these beauties in the best possible way.

Wow by Wojooh has created the Master Blender collection as a bright addition to your make up essentials, the collection holds blenders in all needed shapes, sizes and colors providing to all of your beauty moods.
And since we’re big on sharing, Wow by Wojooh shows you how to use each blender like a pro.
The Classic:

Chances are that you’ve seen or used this cult-classic, egg-shaped makeup sponge. The Classic blender provides an easy application of liquid primers and liquid foundations by dabbing your product on the round tip and smoothing it all over your face and neck.
Use the pointed tip to get close and personal on the edges of your nose to eliminate extra bits and don’t’ forget to roll it around and under your eye corners to banish dark circles.


The Minis resemble the Classic in shape and color but are of better use for liquid concealers and highlighters.
Thanks to its small form, this blender gives you an intimate access to the edges of your nose and corner of your eyes and is perfect to touch up your make up when you are on the go!


The Flat blender comes in an orange hue and is specially designed to help you cover your face and body with a water-based foundation guaranteeing a smooth and flawless coverage.


Swirl is a bright green blender used for the application of liquid concealers and highlighters much like the Minis; Swirl is your ideal partner to smoothen the tricky areas around your nose and eyes thanks to is small edgy tip that can reach deep into the corners.


Touch is made up of one flat end and one fat edgy tip and comes in purple; Touch ensures a flawless application of liquid primers and foundations by using the flat tip for your face and neck and by swirling the pointed tip to a 90 degree angle for the areas that need more coverage like the edges of your nose and the corners of your eyes.
Touch is also known for blending your foundation perfectly without getting your hands dirty.


This blue blender is made of two round sponges linked together in a way that offers two flat surfaces, making it the IT tool for your contouring routine.
The flat tip is to be used to blend your contour and the round ends make for a great grip allowing an easy and unique contouring experience.

Whatever your daily make up routine may be, the Wow by Wojooh Master Blender collection has you covered, from light concealing to full coverage and even contouring.
Find the Wow by Wojooh Master Blender collection at your nearest Wojooh store or shop it online on www.wojooh.com

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Currently Instore
Wow By Wojooh Classic Master Blender: 40AED/SAR/QAR – 4.10BDR – 18,150 LBP
Wow By Wojooh Flat Master Blender: 45AED/SAR/QAR – 4.75BDR – 20,350 LBP
Wow By Wojooh Flat-top Master Blender: 45AED/SAR/QAR – 4.75BDR – 20,350 LBP
Wow By Wojooh Minis Master Blender: 45AED/SAR/QAR – 4.75BDR – 20,350 LBP
Wow By Wojooh Swirl Master Blender: 45AED/SAR/QAR – 4.75BDR – 20,350 LBP
Wow By Wojooh Touch Master Blender: 55AED/SAR/QAR – 5.60BDR – 24,750 LBP

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