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Wow By Wojooh Masters the Art Of The Lip


If Wow by Wojooh can claim anything – it is that we are the Lip Masters! This month we are celebrating our absolute favorite lippy products: the Wow by Wojooh Lip Master Long Wear Lipstick and our infamous Lip Master Lip Liner!


Ever since we launched our Lip Master Lipstick collection they have been flying off the shelves! From Beauty Lovers, who know exactly how to appreciate a great product when they find one, to the Fashionistas, following the latest color trends and even our Natural Beauties who instantly fell in love with the collection once they tried it out – the Lip Master Lipstick collection is a must-have for all. With a fabulously moisturizing and waxy texture, the long-lasting formula offers high coverage and will stay put from day to night.


Everyone knows our Lip Master Lipstick can’t live without our Lip Master Lip Liners – they are a beauty’s best friends! Our Lip Master Lip Liners are a hot sell with their creamy, matte texture. The perfect partner to our Lipsticks, our Lip Liners have a smooth and precise application with a waterproof formula giving lasting moisture.


Whether you’re going for a hot red, a dark look, a pop of pink or a soft natural look, the Wow by Wojooh Lip Master collection has it all! Pair your favorite lipstick color with the perfect liner.


A Hot Red: Pair our Lip Master Lip Liner in 450 Smacked Red with our Lip Master Lipstick in 452 Tooti Frooti.



A Dark Look: Pair our Lip Master Lip Liner 470 Persian Berry with our Lip Master Lipstick in 492 Ruby Rare.


A Pop of Pink: Lip Master Lip Liner in 570 Pink Wojooh with our Lip Master Lipstick in 572 Pink Wojooh.


A Soft Natural: Lip Master Lip Liner in 230 Woody Pink with our Lip Master Lipstick in 592 Rosewood.


All of our Wow by Wojooh products are sold exclusively at Wojooh, so get to your closest store to get your hands on this perfect pair.


Don’t have time to get to the mall? No worries, you can shop all your favorite Wow by Wojooh products 24/7 at www.wojooh.com.


Follow us @wojoohbeauty for the latest in all things beauty! Love Wow by Wojooh? Tag us using #WowbyWojooh 

Point of Sale: Exclusively available at Wojooh

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