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Wow BY Wojooh Blush Up Cooling Color Stick


This June Wow by Wojooh launches its brand new Blush Up Cooling Color Stick collection in 3 must-have shades – these blush sticks will not only leave you looking cool this summer, but FEELING cool too!



It’s June, the summer heat is here and it’s HOT! What better time than now for Wow by Wojooh to launch its brand new Blush Up Cooling Color Sticks to keep you nice and cool during the summer. In our 3 must-have shades, these cooling blush sticks have a magic – and super secret – formula that leaves a fresh and cooling sensation on your cheeks, to give you a quick pick me up during the summer’s heat!


What do we love most about the Wow by Wojooh Blush Up Cooling Color Sticks? Their intense pearly and luminous effect – which will leave you with the most radiant glow to show off this summer. The water-based gel formula lasts for over 5 hours on the skin with its intense pearlized effect. It smoothly glides onto your cheek, leaving an undeniably cool and fresh sensation behind!


The Wow by Wojooh Blush Up Cooling Color Sticks come in 3 must-have colors for the summer: A beautiful peach in 535 Papaya Popsicle, a yummy pink in 335 Strawberry Sorbet, and an essential bronze in 635 Bunduq Bouza.


The Totally Trendy

One thing we know for sure – it’s all about having that dewy, bronzed glow for the summer. So for the totally trendy girl, we recommend you go for our Blush Up Stick in 635 Bunduq Bouza. Give yourself those sharp cheekbones with a glow this season with Wow by Wojooh.



Pretty in Pink

For a more feminine touch, go for a pearlescent pink on the cheeks for this summer. Pull back your hair into a sleek pony and show off those cheekbones with our Blush Up Stick in 335 Strawberry Sorbet.


A Fashionista in Peach

Red, coral, and royal blue? The essential colors of the season! Pair your summer accessories with a soft peach in our Blush Up Stick in 535 Papaya Popsicle, to compliment your look.


Tips for using our Blush Up Cooling Color Sticks:


  • Apply the Blush Up Cooling Color Stick onto your face after applying your liquid foundation.
  • Want to keep it clean? For that radiant look, simply moisturize your face and apply the Cooling Color Stick onto your cheeks.
  • The more layers you add, the more intense pearlescent effect you’ll get.
  • Avoid using it with any powder products, to ensure the most glowiest of glows!
  • Use the peach or the pink color stick on the apples of the cheeks with the bronzed one on your cheekbones.


Pass by Wojooh and try out our brand new Wow by Wojooh Blush Up Cooling Color Sticks.


Can’t pass by your nearest store? Not to worry – we are open 24/7 online at www.wojooh.com.

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