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Wudhu Friendly Makeup


Prayer and makeup.  Can we wear it and still pray?  Do we have to remove it before we do wudhu? Does wearing it invalidate your prayer?

Firstly, their cannot be a barrier that prevents water from reaching any part of the skin when doing wudhu.  There are different opinions, but some also say that chemical ingredients of cosmetics products should be derived from halal ingredients.

Abu Huraira (رضي الله عنه) reported that the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلّم) said, “When the Muslim – or believing – slave does wudu’ and washes his face, every wrong thing at which his eyes have looked leaves with the water – or with the last drop of water. When he washes his hands, every wrong thing which his hands have touched leaves with the water – or with the last drop of water. When he washes his feet. every wrong thing to which his feet have walked leaves with the water – or with the last drop of water, until he emerges cleansed of sins.”

Muslim women

Here are some tips to help you look pretty during your day without making a mess of your face after each prayer.


Waterproof makeup is very difficult to remove and creates a barrier against the skin which will invalidate your wudhu.


Primers allow makeup and eyeshadow to last longer.  If you’ve applied a primer underneath your eyeshadow, due to its sticky texture it creates a strong base which won’t allow water to pass through.  If you want a bit of color on your lids, skip the primer and sweep on a bit of shadow or simply take a colored eye pencil and smudge it onto the eyes.  Smudged eye pencil will give you color pay off and is easy to remove as is eyeshadow without eye primer.


When going out for work or during the day opt for powder foundation applied loosely with a large powder brush instead of applying liquid or creamy foundations which definitely create a barrier on the skin.  Same rule applies for blush – powder over cream.


Soften up the lines you create on your face.  You don’t need strong eyeliner during the day regardless.  To avoid having to wash off your liquid or gel eyeliner before wudhu, simply use a black eyeshadow applied with an angle brush for a soft and easy removable line.  You can follow the same rule for the eyebrows.  If you love those strong and defined brows you won’t have a choice but to remove and reapply.  To give the eyes “halal” definition you can apply a kohl to the top and bottom waterlines of the eye, you don’t have to remove it for your wudhu to be valid.


It’s true – the average woman consumes 4-9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.  Some lipsticks are made with chemicals and non-halal ingredients such as gelatin, fatty acids and alcohol.  While you are wearing lipstick many women end up licking their lips, or consume the lipstick while they are eating or drinking.  To be safe get yourself some vegan lipsticks (I LOVE OCC Liptars now available at Sephoras in North America and online) and if you want to avoid having to remove lipsticks before prayer get yourself a lip stain.


If you must wear makeup products like creamy concealers, lipstick and penciled in eyebrows its best to always keep makeup removing wipes and a mini eye makeup remover in your purse to help you quickly and easily remove your makeup.  Also keep your daily makeup essentials in your bag so you can quickly touch up after you’ve prayed.

On a side note, religion is everyone’s own personal journey.  Don’t judge others who may not be as far a long as you are.  🙂


Halal Cosmetic Brands

Here is a list of some Halal Makeup Brands – I haven’t seen or tried any of them so feel free to explore the brands out for yourself.

1.  Samina Pure Makeup http://www.saminapuremakeup.co.uk/
2.  Wardah http://www.wardahbeauty.com/en
3.  One Pure http://www.onepurehalalbeauty.com/
4.  FX Mineral Cosmetics http://www.fxcosmetics.co.uk/
5.  Inika http://inika.com.au/
6.  Mihri http://www.mihri.com.tr/en/Mihri_Istanbul_Halal_Certificated_Cosmetics
7.  Halal and Organic www.halalcosmeticsproduct.com
8.  Amara Cosmetics http://www.amaracosmetics.com/site/
10. Hala Cosmetics Co www.halalcosco.com

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