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Chaumet: New Facade at Dubai Mall


The Chaumet boutique façade at The Dubai Mall has been entirely redesigned by the French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, in charge of the worldwide Chaumet boutique concept, to be in perfect harmony with the Parisian jeweller’s image of elegance and excellence.

The challenge when it came to the Dubai Mall store façade renovation project was to incorporate transparency without compromising the brand’s codes, namely the blue glass and the geometric pattern composed of rectangles.

chaumet 2

In this new adjustment, the pattern has been increased, resulting in boxes whose front and back panels are transparent, attached to each other by a fine metal structure. As for the blue glass, usually surface-mounted, it was used to fill these boxes, creating a kinetic effect when the customer gets close to the store. The perception of the Chaumet blue becomes more subtle: predominant or more discreet depending on customers’ place and movement in the Mall. (Seen from the front, the blue will remain discreet, but seen from the side, it will look very striking). This kinetic effect makes the store’s perception more dynamic and attractive.

Along with this great transparency, customers’ privacy was preserved by making the display cases’ background opaque. These two alterations will have multiple results:

chaumet 3

With its newly acquired transparency, the store will become more open to the outside, inviting passers-by to come inside and discover the displayed collections, while providing a significant inflow of light. This newly adjusted façade provides an impression of great clarity and lightness.

Chaumet boutique at the Dubai Mall remains the perfect showcase for the Maison’s new jewellery and watchmaking collections:


The ties of love, of family, of friendship. Both unique and multiple, the Liens by Chaumet are metaphors of union and commitment, the precious symbols of a special date, an emotion or a magical moment. These jewels express sentimental values; they go beyond fashion and time and can be worn alone or together. The Liens de Chaumet is an iconic and romantic piece.
In 2013, the ‘Liens’ collection of 15 one-off rings elevates the simple motif to high jewellery status. An interesting feature of this collection is the fact that the colours are limited to white diamonds and blue precious stones. Beyond the majestic deep blue of the sapphire, aquamarines and tourmalines create an azure contrast to the icy white of diamonds. Both classic yet with a simplicity that is so modern, the structure of these rings makes the stones appear to float effortlessly above ribbons of baguettes and rows of perfect white brilliant cut diamonds. Geometric, elegant and understated, the ‘Liens’ collection enters quietly, but is here to stay.



Chaumet created an imaginary garden of subtly mastered architecture punctuated with botanical embroidery in celebration of one flower: the hydrangea. Its infinite variety provides a sumptuous source of inspiration for the Maison with petals that are round or elongated, forming delicate clusters or perfect spheres, lavishly colourful and blossoming in couture-like geometry.
From corolla to stamen, Chaumet explores each facet of the flower with boldly graphic lines to offer an unbridled interpretation of ten variations of the petal. Stylized, open-worked, sculpted to follow a
movement which combines strength and exquisite refinement, the hydrangea according to Chaumet asserts the Maison’s naturalistic style to transform into a collection of jewellery designed to create emotions. Hortensia collection blooms in unique pieces that brilliantly demonstrate Chaumet’s perfect mastery of the jeweller’s art.


As a tribute to its first muse, Empress Joséphine, Chaumet is celebrating the power of love. It was for Josephine, who was crowned Empress on 2 December 1804, that Chaumet designed fashionable and romantic bejeweled headwear, gifts from the Emperor Napoleon I to his lucky star. Chaumet is now dedicating its new jewelry collection to Joséphine, a modern, free-thinking, daring woman. The Joséphine collection revisits the tiara and reinvents it as a ring. A new engagement ring declares love and promises commitment, sealed by a pear-cut diamond. The clean lines of the tiara rings, in white, pink or yellow gold set with diamonds or gemstones, will turn every woman into a princess…


Precious watches

The precious new watchmaking creations of 2013 are born of the collaboration between Chaumet and the Swiss master craftsmen who practise and preserve exceptional savoir-faire and artistic decorative skills. They combine jewellery excellence with High Watchmaking, in a creative world where imagination and emotion know no boundaries. Six timepieces express the poetry of nature, illustrated by an automatic mechanical movement. The curtain rises to reveal a magical, romantic, playful and graceful performance. Chaumet’s emblematic insects whirl, flutter, play hide and seek, let themselves be caught up by the hours and seduced by the minutes.
La Maison Chaumet, 12 place Vendôme, incorporates the boutique adjoining the Salon des Diadèmes and the 18th century Grand Salon listed as a historic monument, the Fine Jewellery workshop as well as the design studio.




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