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Interview with Super Model Freja Beha Erichsen


Danish super model Freja Beha Erichsen is the new face of ‘Hugo Woman’ which is the latest scent from Hugo Boss.  She talks to Saudi Beauty on skincare, personal style & her new role as the face of Hugo Woman! Get to know more about Frejia in our exclusive interview.

Saudi Beauty

First off, congratulations on being chosen as the face of the new Hugo woman campaign! Your thoughts on representing Hugo… 

Thank you – I feel honored to have been chosen to represent Hugo Boss with this fragrance.

Hugo woman has often been described as a fragrance that has a femininity with subtle boyish undertones. What made you choose to be associated with Hugo woman? How does the brand’s identity match your own spirit? 

I think the perfume has a lovely femininity that matched with the more raw undertones of amber, gives a very rounded scent.

Personally, do you like wearing scents with a hint of masculinity or do you prefer softer notes of vanilla and lavender  ? What’s your go-to scent for the day and night ?

I prefer scents that have a sense of duality. I do love the scents that you will come across in nature, walking through a lavender field in the south of France or through a forest after it has rained.

Vogue has named you in their Top Models of the Millennial era list. Everyone wants to know what an average day in your life is like. Could you tell us?

My average day is probably like most others.

What is it like moving to New York ? What are your plans here for the next three years or so?

I have lived in New York for 4-5 years now. I love the energy of the city and I love going home to Denmark and spend time in the countryside. I like the mix.

Your skin is subjected to harsh lights during shoots often. What’s your morning and night skincare routine to maintain your flawless skin? What’s the one beauty product you swear by?

 I keep it simple. I wash my skin with cold water in the morning, apply moisturizer and exfoliate once a week. That is it.

What’s your personal style like? What would you wear on a) a date with some friends b) a date night ? 

I normally wear black pants, maybe a sweatshirt during the day, a bottom-up shirt at night, a nice coat and leather boots.

Your professional commitments require you to be on your toes all the time. What do you do to de-stress ?  What are some essentials you carry in your bag that you never leave the house without ?

I go to Denmark and spend time with my family and go for long walks. In New York I do some gardening, I read quite a bit and I cook for friends and loved ones. I find all of that very relaxing.

It’s well known that a fragrance that seems great on one lady may just not have the effect on another. What’s your advice to women on finding their perfect fragrance?

 I think less is more and I think you will know once you find your scent. It just becomes a part of you.


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