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New Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer!


High shine and intense colour that lasts, for an instant glamor transformation!

Almost 90 years after Mr. Max Factor invented Supreme Nail Polish – a beige-colored powder that was sprinkled on the nails and buffed to give shine and tint – comes Max Factor’s latest nail innovation:

NEW Gel Shine Lacquer.

Developed for women who have previously been left disappointed by typical nail polishes which compromise on colour, wear or shine, new Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer delivers the ultimate answer. It provides an intense colour payout with high shine and up to 7 days wear –  so now perfectly polished, salon professional -ooking nails are achievable at home.


The “Modern Glamour Colour Collection” by Pat McGrath

Handpicked by Max Factor Global Creative Director, Pat McGrath, the sophisticated line up of 9 signature shades form her ultimate modern glamour nail colour collection for 2014:

Nails are one of the easiest ways to give yourself an instant glamour transformation. As Max Factor celebrates 100 years of creating glamorous looks, I was involved in shade selecting the divine new Gel Shine Lacquer colour palette – each shade I chose as a true modern twist on classic colours that defined fashion make-up throughout the decades.

1950’s Red: The ultimate nail colour we all associate with the 1950’s is a true, pin-up red. Bright, scarlet nail polishes with matching matte lipsticks were all the rage at this time and it’s a classic beauty staple that will never go out of style. Every woman must own a modern red polish, and Patent Poppy is perfect for classic glamour look but with a modern twist – it’s a vibrant true shade of red with a slight hint of orange that just pops.

70’s Blues: As the Punk movement was growing, blue nail polish was popular among the hipsters of the day. Lacquered Violet is a move towards a warmer blue with purple hues mixed for added depth. It’s a truly sophisticated, stylish shade that builds on the blue of the 70s but with amazing opulence and the strong sense of femininity that was so prevalent across the AW14 catwalks.

In contrast, Glazed Cobalt perfectly brings to life the summery shades of blue, seen across the Givenchy and Valentino SS14 shows. With rich turquoise undertones, it’s a truly modern cool blue that’s so soft, minimalist and wearable today.

80s Brights: A time of the New Romantics, such as the Blitz Kids and Boy George, vibrant colors made a comeback along with the explosion of colorful club kids. Personally, nothing epitomises 80s fashion more than bright fuchsia. With more feminine muted pink tones, Twinkling Pink shade is a truly current and sophisticated throwback to the 80s. Team pink with turquoise – this SS14 season’s unexpected accent, the key to bringing this retro shade up to date is keeping it modern with an opulent high shine texture such as Gleaming Teal.

Glowing neon orange was also so iconic among women of the 80s, and Vivid Vermillion has coral undertones that are so desired by women today.

90s All shades of Burgundy: Grunge gets glam with luxurious burgundy wine hues that are the perfect cool, rich, deeper, sophisticated shade of red inspired by the iconic shades of the 90s. A nostalgic lineup of updated grunge, Sparkling Berry and Sheen Merlot are boundless perfection with ultra-dark jewel tones in rich burgundy shades that’ll add instant glamour to nails. While, at the lighter end of the shade spectrum is Radiant Ruby that’s perfect for paler skin tones.


How does Gel Shine Lacquer work?

With typical nail polish formulas, there is a trade-off between colour payout, wear and shine. An increase in pigment usually means a decrease in wear and shine, so there is always a compromise to be made. Gel Nail Lacquer breaks the trade-off with its smart new technology!

• Intense colour: Bentonite Clay Gel delivers a high pigment loading formula

• High shine: Gel Shine Lacquer contains a thicker formula which stops the formula from moulding into the natural ridges on the nail, giving a smooth finish. It works by self-levelling which ensures there are no streaks, brush marks or lines in the film once applied

• Longwear: A special two-fold patented plasticizer adds flexibility to the nitrocellulose [a substance found in most nail polishes] within the formula. The increased flexibility gives a strong resistant film to minimise impact on the nail, leading to less chipping – so high shine and rich colour can last.


As 2015 sees a micro make-up trend of matching lips to nails, try complimenting high shine nails with equally glossy lips using Colour Elixir Lip Gloss in beautiful bold and sheerer shades – for a total glamour transformation.

New Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer is available at 31 AED RRP

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