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Presenting : Night Masks By Sephora !


Always on top of the latest beauty trends and a trailblazer in beauty phenomena, Sephora has innovated once again by launching a collection of single-dose night masks that are easy to apply and perfect for life on the go. On the line-up: Eight cute little masks with just the right splash of color that we can pick based on our current needs and wants. Just apply them to clean skin that has been cleansed thoroughly with the Konjac sponge. Use them to nourish, boost radiance, tone, energize, smooth, relax, even out and matify: there’s a perfect night mask for everyone!

Honey sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

Skin can finally sleep easy: this night cream-mask works overnight to nourish and soothe the skin thanks to natural honey extract, which is known for its ability to leave the skin velvety-soft and comfortable.

Rose sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

After working its magic all night long, the complexion is left amazingly refreshed and hydrated in the morning, all thanks to natural rose extract! Simply radiant skin can be ours!

Ginseng sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

While we’re off in dreamland, it’s pushing up its sleeves and working hard. Now that’s what we call a perfect division of labor! We’re so thankful for this single dose mask formulated with natural ginseng root extracts (toning and firming active ingredients), which yields truly astonishing results.

Pomegranate sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

It’s true – with lives as busy as ours, there are times when we may feel completely drained. However, thanks to this mask enriched with pomegranate extract with anti-fatigue and energizing properties, we’ll be sure to never let it show…

Lingzhi sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

When a mask rich in natural lingzhi extracts (with antioxidant properties) and gombo extracts (known for its smoothing properties) takes on the difficult task of renewing our skin overnight, all we can say is “merci!”

Lotus sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

This night mask formulated with natural lotus flower extract (with moisturizing and relaxing properties) guarantees refreshed, plumper skin in the morning that’s ready to brave a new day.

Pearl sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

Staring at a dull complexion and lackluster skin in the mirror? Quick! Reach for this masked avenger that works its magic at night. With unifying action and enriched with natural origin white pearl extracts, it boosts luminosity and even reduces the look of skin irregularities. Who’s the clever one now?

Green tea sleeping mask

AED 20/ QAR 20/ KSA 20/ BAH 2.36/ KWT 1.5

We’re going green with our skin…with green tea, which leaves the skin beautifully clear, matte and clean in the morning. Sound too good to be true? Time to believe in miracles! This night mask acts like a complexion fairy godmother thanks to the antioxidant properties of green tea and bucchu extracts with purifying and matifying properties.

Face Konjac cleansing sponge

AED 45/ QAR 51/ KSA 53/ BAH 5.3/ KWT 4

Hailing straight from Asia and of 100% natural origin, this Konjac sponge cleanses the skin deeply and thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin) and dermatologically tested, it provides gentle exfoliation as it glides over the skin, leaving it soft, purified and perfectly free of make-up and impurities! Fully rinse the Konjac sponge in warm water until it is completely soft. Massage it all over the face either alone or with a foaming cleanser in a circular motion, paying special attention to the T-zone area. Rinse it thoroughly after use and hang it up by the attached cotton thread to air dry.


Which one do you want to try ?

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