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Stay Cool With Refreshing Summer Coolers


Staying hydrated in summers is just the next impossible task for me – I’ve tried everything from installing those “drink water” apps on my phone, to keeping flavored water close by to actually glugging down huge amounts of water irregularly, hoping it will somehow make up for lost time.

A lot of us often have the same complaint – dehydration.

Dehydration is a bigger problem than you think it is. It doesn’t just make your skin look dull and your eyes sunken, it also limits bodily functions and slows down metabolism, which is if anything, even fatal at it’s worst.

Since drinking plain water isn’t really going to happen for some of us, how about some drinks that will leave you refreshed, hydrated and most definitely sated !

Lemon Mint Cooler –


You’ll need –

2 big lemons

A sprig of mint leaves

Sugar / Honey


Chilled water

Mint leaves to garnish

Method –

Stir in sugar to the chilled water (adjust the sweetness as you’d like it), add a pinch of salt per serving glass.

Squeeze in the lemons taking care to avoid the seeds from falling in. Crush mint leaves using a mortar and pestle and add a bit of salt to the mix to encourage the leafy juices to sweat, giving you more flavor.

Add the crushed leaves and juices to your lemon juice and stir well.

You may then strain the liquid and serve in tall glasses with some mint leaves and ice cubes to garnish.

Cutecumber Crunch –


You’ll need –

Fresh cucumber slices ( bite-sized)

Your favorite soda base (you could use a neutral flavored sode pop like sprite or mountain dew if you don’t find soda)


Sliced black olives

Salt to taste


Add the chopped cucumber to the base of the serving glasses and top with sliced olives and soda base. You can squeeze the lemons and top and leave some rind behind for zest.

Note – This drink is enjoyed more by adults than kids, so if it’s a kiddie drink you’re putting together you might want to reconsider.

Pink Lemonade/ Very Berry –


Speaking of kiddie parties, this one’s a fave !

You’ll need

Fresh strawberries (or canned ones)

Honey or agave nectar

Fresh basil leaves (or tulsi leaves) Use mint leaves if you’re not a fan


Ice cubes

Method –

Blend all the ingredients to a frothy pulp and serve chilled with bits of sugared strawberries. Nom !

Tropical Infusion –


It’s almost a crime to not use the tropical fruits that are widely available this season. Quite high on sugar, but extremely refreshing and full of vitamins as well.

1 fresh Pineapple – cut into bits

3 ripe mangoes

Coconut cream – 2-3 tbsps

Ice cubes


A few slivers of ginger

Method –

Blast all ingredients on high in a blender and serve the thick, frothy mix with cut fruit.

Put on some shades, sip on these coolers and embrace the glory of summer. Cheers!

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