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They Did It Again! Brangelina Adopt Syrian Orphan Baby


They did it again !

Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for. Brad and Angelina have done what social media was hoping for since quite a while and boy! we couldn’t be any more excited to bring this news to you – for those of you living in a cave or under a rock, Brad and Angelina have finally adopted again, making their family of six, now seven !

It comes as no surprise that Brad and Angelina have opened their hearts and home to yet another little kid, having three adopted kids already in addition to three biological children of their own.


The child in question is a two-year old Boy named Moussa from a severely distressed part of Syria. Moussa was found in the care of refugee camps in Turkey. Angelina Jolie visited the camp as part of her responsibilities as the United Nations Ambassador for refugees and displaced people. Angelina Jolie had met little Moussa when she visited the camp as part of the rehabilitation plan. The story of how Angelina met Moussa is pretty endearing. A translator had explained Moussa’s life story to her and it moved her to tears. The little child came up to her at that moment, saw her upset and gave her a hug in all his childlike innocence. Ange proceeded to hug the child and gave him a little kiss. Insiders say she was basically inseparable from the child for the rest of her visit.


After a few extensive checks into Moussa’s background, it was confirmed that he was indeed, an orphan .Angelina immediately requested for the adoption papers to be arranged so she could take home little Moussa as soon as possible.

Moussa is all set to live in different circumstances and join the Brangelina brood which now includes – Maddox ,13, Pax 11, Zahara, 9, Shiloh ,8 and twins Vivienne and Knox.

While detractors would like to discuss the implications of this adoption, we can only laud Angie for taking such a beautiful child into her home and helping him lead a better life.

Brad and Angelina, who married early last year are known for their commitment to raising all their kids as a huge family. The two even got married with their children at the helm of VIPs invited for the event. A touching moment was Angelina’s bridal gown which was replete with handmade drawings of her children.


We wish the couple and the new family, including little Moussa a happy future ahead!


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