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With Idealia from Vichy, the dream of ideal skin comes true.

Ideal skin quality, beautiful and radiant is a universal aspiration. Vichy has identified that beyond genes, time passing by or hormonal variations, the way in which we behave and interact with our environment also contributes to accelerating the ageing of our skin and altering its quality.

Skin is, on a daily basis, exposed to pollution, sunlight, stress we experience, fatigue and/or an unhealthy diet and it shows as skin is subsequently less able to repair itself thereby becoming dull and easily developing wrinkles, imperfections and dark spots.

VICHY - Secret de Peau Pot Ouvert  IDEALIA_Life serum VICHY IDEALIA BB cream


What if, for the first time, a skincare regime could reset the counters to zero and give our skin a second chance?


A profound understanding of the skin has allowed Vichy to discover that “behavioral ageing”, consists of 4 dimensions exerting an impact on skin quality. For each dimension, there exists what women see on their skin, a biological reality, clinical signs and an associated behavior. The dimensions are as follows:



Complexion turns grey and dull which is a sign that skin does not breathe enough. The cause? Lack of water, dry air, tobacco, pollution.



The signs are color disorders, uneven and marked skin, pigmentation irregularities, too much or insufficient local melanin. The cause? An excess of UV rays.



The signs are drawn features, a tired-looking face and dark shadows. The cause? Fatigue caused by nights that are too short and days that are long and stressful.



Enlarged pores, oily and dry patches are all signs of skin that struggles to regenerate. The cause? An unbalanced diet, unsuitable, overly aggressive cosmetic routine, junk food, vitamin deficiencies, a lack of fresh food in favour of processed, poor quality food. A sandwich vs. fresh vegetables.


What is Vichy’s bet? If we are able to act on these four dimensions, skin can be made more beautiful and every skin’s quality can be drastically transformed for the better!

color wheel





Keeping all this in mind, Vichy created the IDEALIA Life Serum: the 1st skin idealizer for spectacular repair of skin quality. Thanks to its unique combination of two powerful skin quality correcting molecules, LR2414 + LHA (27 patents), skin quality is transformed and this transformation is visible in only 8 days. Idealia Life Serum will ensure the following noticeable changes on skin:


ACTING ON SKIN TONE: it will recreate a fresh complexion color, with more luminosity.

ACTING ON CONTRASTS: for a homogeneous complexion, with less pigmentary and vascular heterogeneity

ACTING ON EXPRESSIVENESS: features are rested, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothened, skin is more tonic.

ACTING ON SKIN BALANCE: pores are refined.


The efficacy of the Life Serum has been clinically tested and proven even on skin that is affected by a very unbalanced lifestyle.


To complete the program that will result in a beautiful, radiant and healthy-looking skin, Vichy’s IDEALIA range also offers a Smoothing and Illuminating day cream and/or an amazing BB cream, available in 2 shades (light and medium), for women that are in a rush in the morning and desire an instant glow effect! Coupling a pearlescent texture with a fresh fragrance, the Idealia Range guarantees all these positive results for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.


Now, with Vichy’s Idealia range and star product Life Serum, the dream of ideal skin comes true and it is up to each woman to write this beautiful story for her skin.


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