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Dior Presents Capture Totale


Ten years of pioneering expertise, ten years of audacious know-how. Women change, Capture Totale reinvents itself.


For the first time, a cosmetic formula challenges the laws of gravity. Time no longer seems to have control over the face’s beauty. The Capture Totale icon is transformed. Thanks to its perfectly balanced formula, the new Multi-Perfection Creme reinvents itself to unveil a more authentic finish, a more delightful pink colour, a fragrance that is just as emblematic and a next-generation fusion texture.


For the first time, Dior is offering its iconic Creme in three textures.


Continually greater comfort with unequaled smoothness: the Universal Crème texture creates harmony. A fine, velvety-soft, melt-in crème for unrivaled sensory delight, an instant embellishing effect and optimal comfort for all women.


A true cocoon for the skin, the Rich Creme profoundly delights the senses with its intense softness. Its lusciously fine and nourishing texture delivers extreme comfort.


Light texture is a new sensory approach for Capture Totale: Intensely delicate, the new Light Creme, an airy gel-creme combining instant comfort and freshness,  irrigates youthful skin. Its transparent and airy texture fuses with the skin and delivers perfect comfort, even in hot and humid climates.

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