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Life Saving Tiara Tips!


The bridal Tiara or crown is the final touch to a great bridal look. But since no one has years of experience in buying a bridal tiara for herself, here are tips and the newest bridal hairpiece trends to be aware of as you prepare to be queen for a day.

– Your Face Cut


Your facial features and face cut largely determine the crown shape and design you should go for. Brides with angular shaped face cuts should opt for delicate tiaras with linear qualities. While brides with more round faces should elongate their appearance with a higher, peaked, tiara/ crown. Study the effect your tiara has on your facial appearance as you try your options on.

– Hair & There

bridal headpiece

If you have your heart set on a particular hairstyle for your bridal look, do consult your stylist before heading out tiara shopping. Your tiara/ crown shape and length should fulfill the requirements of your hairstyle. A mismatch could cause havoc on the big day and you may end up with a hairstyle you never wanted, just because your hair accessory limited the stylist on what she could perform on your hair.

– The Pearl Rule


Ladies, this is highly important. If the dress has pearls, the crown/ tiara should definitely share the same ornamentation and should include pearls.

If tiaras and crowns are just not your style, you’re in luck! There is an enormous amount of trending bridal accessories in the market today that will give you a more airy and whimsical bridal flare. Here are the 411 on Bridal headpiece options:

– Flowers for you!

Fresh or fabricated, flowers are popular this season as hair ornamentation. Add a hint of color to your bridal look with colorful flowers to match your bridal bouquet, or adhere to a snowy white. Flowers add a natural and angelic feel to a bridal look.

– Pin ‘n’ Tuck


The wonderful thing about bridal clips and bridal hairpins is the flexibility they bring to a stylists task. Bridal clips are easily adjusted, tucked or highlighted to any hairstyle and go with almost ANY look.

– Lace Up!


If your dress has lace details, you can use lace appliques in your hair to give it a harmonious appearance with your gown.

– Even if not in Rome, do as the Romans do!


Wreaths come in floral, pearl and crystalized details add a sublime decorative touch to most bridal ensembles, are fuss free, and suit any face cut.


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