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Mikyajy – Moisture Plus Lipstick


Get irresistible and healthy lips this summer! Mikyajy’s wonder lipstick is your next must-have beauty essential!

Flaunt beautiful, healthy and vibrant lips this season with Mikyajy’s new sensation – Moisture Plus Lipstick! Proven to nourish, soften, protect and hydrate, this lipstick guarantees a great creamy payoff with moisture to glorify your smile. It is a perfect combination of lightweight, emollient and luminous oils making it easy to glide and blend. Brown seaweed extracts give suppleness and firmness to your lips while adding a pop of brilliant color and SPF 15 protects your lips from UV rays.

Moisture Plus Lipstick comes in 36 gorgeous shades. Made in Italy, this wide range of colors caters to every woman’s taste – 12 shades of pretty pinks, 7 shades of chic purples, 5 shades of summery peaches and oranges, 5 shades of daring reds and 7 shades of sophisticated browns.

The complete tutorial on getting the perfect Ombré lips with Mikyajy’s Moisture Plus Lipstick in 304, Line & Color Lip Pencil in 301 and CC Concealer has been included.

• Launch date: 24th July, 2016
• Buy one Moisture Plus Lipstick for SAR/AED 49. Buy any 3 of them for SAR/AED 99!
• Line & Color Lip Pencil – SAR/AED 39; 3 for SAR/AED 99 • CC Concealer – SAR/AED 59; 3 for SAR/AED 149

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