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Tom Ford Private Blend Venetian Bergamot


Private Blend Venetian Bergamot is Tom Ford’s singular interpretation of the ingredient long prized by perfumers for its freshness and elegance. With Venetian Bergamot, the sun-drenched citrus from Italy’s South is transported to the Northern city of grand palazzos, remarkable canals and the famous confluence of trade in rich florals, precious woods and warm spices. Bergamot’s fresh elegance is underscored and intermingled with the intriguing sensuality of Venice reframed through the TOM FORD lens.


The Fragrance

The construction of Venetian Bergamot ventures into uncharted territory. Confounding the historical expectation of bergamot as a classical eau de cologne ingredient of fresh, citrus beauty, Venetian Bergamot reveals a sensual signature right from the start with an impact that is both disarming and delightful. The fragrance opens with bergamot essence from Calabria—the lively, spirited character found only in the very finest bergamot breathes spaciousness into the fragrance’s balsamic and woody depth. This bergamot top note is wrapped with luxurious citrus notes. A spice trio of black peppercorn from Madagascar, pink peppercorn and ginger essence supports the sparkling top note with sensuality and warmth.


The mid note consists of rich floral essences, hand selected for their purity and complementing the freshness of the bergamot. Madagascar ylang yang imparts a hypnotic, spiced floral note. Magnolia from China merges with a Gardenia accord to extend the perfect pitch of the delicate bergamot top note with floral texture.

The base of the fragrance is designed as a well-shaped wooden pedestal of rich, solid, resinous notes to contrast the freshness of the top. Two species of Cedarwood impart the wood’s coniferous, clean aspects. Pepperwood®, a unique molecule, contributes a green-woody dimension with nuances of black pepper. A milky Sandalwood extraction from Australia offers a veil of melted, sensual, skin-like warmth. Roasted tonka enhances the coumarin-vanilla warmth while smoldering amber notes and a cashmere accord bind the fragrance to skin, extending and prolonging Venetian Bergamot’s elegant signature of refined freshness and undeniable sensuality. 

The Packaging

Venetian Bergamot is presented in the signature Private Blend bottle inspired by perfumers’ dark brown apothecary bottles. The 50 ml flacon, created to be weighty in the hand, has the sleek, architectural look of a chess piece. The extravagant, expertly crafted 250 ml decanter brings monumental beauty to a dressing table or grooming area. Both the flacon and decanter are enhanced by touches of gold on the label and a crimped cord tie. A richly textured set-up box completes the fragrance’s ultra-luxurious packaging.



TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND VENETIAN BERGAMOT will be available in FEBRUARY 2016 at all TOM FORD BEAUTY counters across the Middle East.

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