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Transform your Day Look to Evening Ready


We all have those moments where busy days bring anxiety! And by busy days, I mean maybe a 9-5 followed by a happy hour meeting turned into late dinner with girlfriends. How does one simply have one outfit to accommodate so many different events? Easy. You get a few key pieces to help you transition from look to look. Do I feel another shopping spree coming?

The first thing to remember when altering outfits, is that it’s really all about putting on a layer or peeling one off. So if you’re wearing a pant blazer suit to work, make sure to wear a nice blouse underneath to compliment the look. This is a typical professional guise for a working woman but if you want something a little less formal for the evening just take off the blazer and add a colourful statement necklace to make it a tad more suitable for a casual dinner.


Personally, I find office flair slightly boring. I feel limited when expressing my own personal style as it’s important to keep a professional appearance when surrounded by colleagues and bosses. But I’ve finally decided to pull up my big girl pants and get a little more adventurous with my apparel. And by this, I mean through prints and colours. Our shades of clothing are usually a reflection of our mood but if you plan your outfit the night before, no matter how tired you feel, a bright red might be not something you’re up for. But add a black cardigan and a pair of flats to make it work ready; you’re equipped for the day. And when heading out for a night of dancing, then simply take off the cardigan and substitute the flats for heels, you’re good to go!




So let’s say you’re not working. You have a busy day of errands and you have no time to come home to get dolled up for the evening. I would say to keep it basic. Boyfriend jeans, a black/white v-neck and your most comfortable flats. Relaxed, comfortable and easy – you can’t ask for more. But make sure to carry your pointy toe heels, a nice structured overthrow and some formal accessories to spruce up your outfit.


Stress not girls – a few key essentials can help you transition from outfits so easily. Just plan well and you’ll never be too overdressed or underdressed again. =)

Written by: Saira Khan

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