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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Collection Review !


Urban Decay, the fastest growing and all time-popular brand surpassing makeup junkie favorites. I love this brand and it’s fantastic to see on the expansion of their color range as well as the various products and collaborations they have been bringing us.

Speaking of collaborations, one comes to mind – the UD Gwen Stefani Collection (Limited Edition). Gwen Stefani, infamous for always rocking a red lip, this Don’t Speak rocker is a fashion icon to say the least. Now delving into the world of beauty, this collaboration is far from a disappointment.

The collection boasts an eye shadow palette, blush palette and it goes without saying the notable lipsticks and lip liners. I’m here to talk lipstick though! Available in 8 new shades including two exclusives, I cannot stress enough how much I love the colors. Heck, even when my mom (another makeup lover) saw the shades she was enamored and sang their praises too! Ladies, if you have the opportunity I suggest you get your hands on at least one of the coveted lipsticks!


Let’s start with the packaging. Gwen has been said to be hands on with the development process even down to the rock chic monochrome theme if you will with gold accents packaging you see. It’s unique to the brand and well, why not own something that has that extra touch from the woman herself?

The collection ranges from a bright red matte to a deep fuchsia. Included in this gorgeous collection is the brand’s first-ever shade in a finish they call the Mega Matte. Really intense and only requiring one coat, the highly pigmented color really stands out. So, no need to layer… Thank God! Every one of their lipsticks has their patented constituent promising a super-creamy texture and rich color – Pigment Infusion SystemTM.

Below are swatches of the:


714 – a stunning bright red in the Mega Matte formulation mentioned earlier. Love how a little bit goes a long way but still pops and gives you the bold lip that really rocks!

Firebird – an opaque, shiny fuchsia pink lipstick that is simply stunning and quite frankly haven’t seen a shade like it in forever!
Spiderweb – with an easy application, this creamy dark-ish red lipstick is simply delightful!


The lip liners are available in 6 shades and named according to their lipstick counterparts. Below are swatches for the 714 and Wonderland 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils. Not far apart, these reds are simply stunning and the formulation is by far one of the best I’ve used. Creamy, not waxy and made for an easy application you’re guaranteed beautiful contouring in one sure swoop.

All in all, I adore Urban Decay and it’s popularity makes for it to be a force to be reckoned with . Check out their site, Sephora or even across most department stores including Debenhams.

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