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Wojooh Pampers Your Skin This Ramadan


The Month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, purity and of course love. Here at Wojooh we believe that each and every one of you possess a natural beauty – worthy of some pampering. So during the Month, let’s take out our makeup remover and go back to basics. There are so many natural ingredients around us that can benefit our skin – from shea butter to aloe vera and even beeswax. Let’s take this time to preserve the skin we are in and reward our faces of beauty with some natural remedies.

While taking time to relax during Ramadan, why not try one of our favorite at home recipes for an all-natural face mask. You would be surprised as to how many things you have in the kitchen that can actually benefit the skin! For this facemask you will need:

–          Half a ripe avocado



–          Half a ripe banana


–          1 tablespoon of plain yogurt




–          1 tablespoon of chopped cucumber

cucumber diced

–          1 tablespoon of olive oil




Mix the ingredients together in a blender – and your mask is ready. For best results add a thick layer of the mask to your face. Our Wojooh Skincare Specialist has compiled 6 easy steps to get the best results when apply a face mask!

Step 1 – Wash: Wash your face with warm water and a cleanser to open up all those pores

Step 2 – Steam: Soak a face towel in warm water and rest on your face for 5 minuets

Step 3 – Apply: Apply the mask to your face with clean hands, always avoiding the eyes and lips

Step 4 – Relax: Leave the mask on for about 15 – 20 minutes and sit back and relax

Step 5 – Rinse: Wash off the mask using warm water, rubbing gently to ensure it all comes off

Step 6 – Splash: Splash your face with cold water to close up all the pores


After applying a moisturizing facemask we suggest applying some facial oil to your new and improved skin! One of our favorite natural skin oils is Argan Oil. It contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids and a high level of vitamin E that is proven to enhance the overall health of your skin. This miracle oil is good for any type of skin – flaky, oily, or even skin that suffers from acne. Its antioxidants won’t break under the sun, so not only is the oil good to use during the day but it’s also perfect for our region!

The ultimate touch points to apply any facial oils are 1- the cheeks, 2- the forehead and 3- the chin. Apply 3 small drops of oil on each touch point and press gently. Begin to rub in and massage the oil into the skin using upward motions on each 3 areas. Last but not least, wipe some oil over the lips in a circular motion and then on the nose in an upward motion. Now let the oil sit, and enjoy the benefits and results of using natural skin oils.

If you’re not the do it yourself kind of girl – pass by Wojooh to get all things skincare from some of your favorite brands. Brands like Givenchy, Clinique and Lancôme have an amazing range of skincare products that are all available at Wojooh. Enjoy expert advice from our skincare specialists – you can even book a complimentary skin consultation in our private beauty rooms during the entire month by calling your nearest Wojooh store. Enjoy pampering yourself during this month of purity – you deserve it, Ramadan Kareem too all our beauty lovers from Wojooh!

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