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6 New Lipsticks to Obsess About this Summer!


Wow by Wojooh has the perfect Lipstuck for summer and guest what?
It is now available in 6 new shades!

Our Lipstuck is an extreme wear lip lacquer formulated to have its array of intense matte colours last and last.. It is water resistant and non-transferable, it holds on tight, so don’t you worry about leaving a trace behind!


There’s more good news: unlike many lip stains, Lipstuck will keep your lips hydrated and you can now dress your lips in “Sand Storm”, “Chili Fever”, “Pink Poem”, “Pink Orient”, “Purple Essence” and “Royal Plum” the new 6 additions to an already extensive range of Lipstucks; “Sugar Tan”, “Henna Stain”, “Sumac Spice”, “Oud Rose”, “Zanzibar Coral”, “Fuchsia Garden”, “Gold Rose” and “Velvet Pink.”

We’ve selected a different approach to our Lipstucks that cover every type of occasion that may pop up on your summer schedule:

Look 1:


Going out to a concert with your friends? Feel like a superstar by mixing two of our favourite Lipstucks together: apply the “Chili Fever” shade on the corner of your lips and switch to the “Henna Stain” shade for the middle of your lips. Take your lip brush and blend both separation lines together for a dramatic effect.

Look 2:


Heading to the mall for a shopping spree? Dazzle everyone with your extreme pink lips by applying our “Royal Plum” shade on your upper lip and our “Velvet Pink” shade on your lower lip. Smooch your lips together before the lipstick dries off in order to mix the colors.

Look 3:
Dinner with your best friend? Apply our “Henna Stain” all over your lips and add a dab of our “Sandstorm” shade in the middle of your upper and lower lips. Smooch your lips together for a sheer-finish effect that will go perfectly with your new summer dress.

Look 4:
Day at the beach? Don’t you worry the Lipstuck formula guarantees to increase lip moisture while providing a lavish feel – Plus the “Fuchsia Garden” shade on your lower lip and the “Pink Orient” shade on your upper lip mixed together pack a pretty hued punch.

Look 5:



Head to a picnic in a bright look; our secret weapons are the “Pink Poem” and the “Zanzibar Coral” shades. Apply the first one on your lower lip and the second on your upper lips and just blend them together for a long lasting effect.

Look 6:


Ready to go to your summer destination? Head there in style and opt for something not too bright, not too dark, by applying our “Purple Essence” shade all over your lips, and then adding to it a dab of our “Gold Rose” shade in the middle of both lips and blending the lines together with your lip brush.

The new additional 6 Lipstucks shades from Wojooh hold the right amount of color, texture, quality and endurance to accompany you on your busiest days. Lipstuck is developed to stick with you through thick and thin, so fall in love with the most committed lip lacquer around!

For more beauty tips and the latest in beauty, follow @wojoohbeauty or visit us on www.wojooh.com!
Price: 85AED/SAR/QAR – 8.20BDR – 36,300 LBP
Point of Sale: Exclusively available at Wojooh

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